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Your Guide To The Three Types Of Leo Sun
Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun. So if you're a Leo sun, your Mercury is either in Cancer, Leo, or Virgo, each of which can influence the type of Leo that you are.
1. Leo Sun With Mercury In Cancer
Mercury in Cancer individuals aren't as intimidating or showy as some of the more stereotypical Leo energy can be — they want their friends to shine just as brightly as themselves.
Nostalgic and sentimental, Mercury in Cancer makes for a soulful, soft communicator who values emotionally intimate friendships and tends to take matters personally.
2. Leo Sun With Mercury In Leo
A double Leo placement makes for energetic, magnetic, creative individuals with a larger-than-life passion to excel, exuding high doses of charisma and charm along the way.
Mercury in Leo indicates free thinking, and their fiery energy makes for fun, engaging leaders. This placement is likely to have their audience swooning over them in no time.
3. Leo Sun With Mercury In Virgo
These unique Leos are constantly observing and processing, making their communications less showy and more pragmatic, direct, and realistic, though they can also get sarcastic.
They tend to have strong boundaries and are less nurturing than the other Leo suns, likely needing some practice in the art of forgiveness toward themselves and others.