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Your Guide To Viral Korean Toner Pads & Their Skincare Benefits
Unlike typical toners, Korean toner pads are gentle enough to leave on your face for a few minutes, like a sheet mask. They offer a variety of benefits for your skin.
Depending on the formula you use, these toner pads offer gentle chemical exfoliants like polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), which remove dead skin and increase cell turnover.
The toner pads' texture can also provide gentle physical exfoliation. By combining physical and chemical exfoliation, you can reap all the benefits without risking irritation.
If your skin is dry, look for pads that include ingredients like glacial or alba bark water for gentle hydration that won't clog pores.
For best results, use your toning pads after cleaning your face but before using your serums. This will allow the hydrating ingredients to be sealed into your skin.
For those who face challenges like limited access to water, mess-free, pre-moistened products like Korean toner pads can be a godsend.
The convenience of a ready-to-use skincare pad can also make skincare an option for people who struggle with sensory overload around water.