Teenage girl (16-17) wearing veil and wedding dress, laughing.
Your Guide To Wedding Planning Based On Your Zodiac Sign
1. Aries
While some Aries brides may lean into their impulsive nature and have a short engagement or simply elope, many may want to plan a romantic day as bold and fun as they are.
Aries brides love vibrant color palettes, out-of-the-box floral arrangements, trendy dresses, and over-the-top entertainment, such as on-site tattoo artists and acrobats.
2. Taurus
Taurus brides are resourceful and practical. They know how to sniff out good deals on things like wedding favors or bridesmaid dresses and possess great organizational instincts.
With a love for the finer things in life, color palettes featuring lush greens, whites, and blacks with bronze or copper accents are sure to make a grounded Taurus' heart sing.
3. Gemini
A Gemini bride will likely aim for something between an upscale ballroom wedding and an outdoor bohemian party with flowers, music, and a fun bridal party.
On the other hand, if something goes wrong during the wedding day, Gemini's go-with-the-flow attitude means they will experience much less stress than the average bride.
4. Cancer
One of the most romantic zodiac signs, Cancer brides plan beautifully intimate weddings and are more likely to honor their family traditions on their wedding day.
Aesthetically, Cancer weddings are quaint and full of charming vintage pieces. The bride will likely thrift her dress from her favorite vintage shop for a truly unique look.
5. Leo
Leos will usually have a wedding as extravagant and unforgettable as they are. Texture is a major component of the lavish Leo wedding aesthetic, as is color and mood lighting.
When it comes to their bridal look, Leos will likely choose a dress that is bold and breathtaking. They may also incorporate thoughtful and sentimental details into their reception.