a young woman on the beach wearing a yellow bathing suit and carrying a yellow towel
Your Perfect Summer Activity Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Competitive Aries
If anything gets an Aries fired up, it’s good competition. That’s why they should sign up for a Tough Mudder, either individually or with a team.
The event consists of many obstacles you and your teammates must pass through while getting dirty in the process. It’s great for any Aries looking for competition and adventure.
Luxe-Loving Taurus
Summer is the perfect time for Taurus to indulge in guilty pleasures, like taking a luxury getaway to a quiet and lavish destination.
Book the vacation you’ve always dreamt of, like an over-water cabana, where you can relax and enjoy sunshine, quiet time, and room service. Look for somewhere away from crowds.
Social Gemini
For even more quality friend time, throw all your friends a summer backyard dinner party. Save a little money by using disposable elegant dinnerware.
Ask your guests to contribute by bringing a side dish or bottle of wine. Use nature’s foliage and flowers to help decorate your tables or picnic blankets.
Nurturing Cancer
Treat yourself to a birthday beach trip to relax under the sun. As someone who’s naturally self-protective, take this time to reflect on your energy.
Avoid planning an excess amount of activities. Instead, indulge in self-care and things that you love doing, whether that’s reading, taking baths, or sleeping in.
Loyal Leo
Leos are fierce when it comes to loved ones, a quality they can tap into during the summer by spending time with their partner during an outdoor movie night.
Get an outdoor projector and screen and set up cozy blankets, pillows, and chairs. Sip wine and nibble on popcorn, or put together a charcuterie board with chocolates for dessert.