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Your Phone Screen Could Be Giving You Under-Eye Wrinkles
Blue Light
Prolonged exposure to blue light may harm the skin, as it can cause free radicals in the skin, resulting in premature aging. Blue light can also contribute to skin wrinkling because the blue light emitted from phone screens can boost the generation of oxidative stress within the skin, which worsens inflammation.
Under-Eye Wrinkles
Not only does the sun cause skin damage, but blue light does as well. Blue light can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, resulting in under-eye wrinkles because dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols says blue light “can induce oxidative stress, which in turn disrupts skin's barrier and damages cells.”
Screen Time
Adults should limit their non-work-related screen time to only two hours per day, disable notifications to avoid temptation, and keep their phones out of their bedrooms to avoid using them right before bed. Another fantastic approach to unplug from technology is to take a trip to a location without cell service.