Your Thanksgiving Role According To Your
Zodiac Sign
Capricorns value tradition so they're likely to be the ones strolling down memory lane on Thanksgiving. Capricorn will also ensure that Grandma’s pumpkin pie is made the way it always has been and that everyone verbally states what they're most thankful for — a tradition Dad started years ago.
The ever-so-intellectual and existential thinkers of the zodiac will probably remain pretty aloof most of the Thanksgiving evening. An Aquarius will likely bring an avant-garde cornucopia as a gift and will jump at the chance to fight for the good of humanity at the first passive-aggressive political remark.
After Aquarius has darkened the mood with political arguments, Pisces' natural psychic intuition and empathy can sense the lowered vibrations in the room. Since Pisces feels it's their duty to bring back the good vibes, they’ll likely put on a fun playlist for some family rounds of singing and dancing to lighten the mood.
On Thanksgiving, you can find the competitive side of Aries thriving at anything game-related. Once you get them started in what you thought was a friendly game of family football, there's no turning back; these guys operate with no filter and hot-headed drive.
The Taurus is fixated on the finer things in life, and food is no exception. This makes Thanksgiving their dream holiday and you’ll likely find them hanging out in the kitchen, sampling each dish to make sure everything is seasoned just right. Their knack for perfection definitely comes into play here.