Your Ultimate Guide To Dating A Libra
Libras Are Social
If you’re not ready to expand your social circle in a big way, dating a Libra might not be for you, as Libras are incredibly social. says that Libras love putting their friends in the limelight, meaning friendship is a very big deal to them, and they are willing to go above and beyond to keep their friends happy.
They Can Be Indecisive
Your Tango notes that Libras often stress about reaching the best possible outcomes, and since they don’t know how to ensure success with every possible choice, it makes the decision-making process a struggle. Libras are very indecisive, and one way to show that you care about them is to help them make decisions.
They're Non-Confrontational
Since Libras don’t appreciate confrontation, they’ll avoid conflict and arguments with their loved ones at all costs, and they also might shut down or run away from serious conversations that need to be worked through. Libras tend to be people-pleasers, so confrontation doesn’t come naturally (per Our Mindful Life).
They Are Witty And Clever
Republic World describes Libras as being some of the most highly intelligent members of the zodiac chart due to how knowledgeable they are. You’ll never be embarrassed to take your Libra to work or family events, as the wit and cleverness of a Libra make them some of the most well-spoken individuals.
They Aren’t Always Reliable
Although Libras care about equality, fairness, and balance, those don’t always equate to a deep sense of reliability. The Times of India explains that Libras can be self-indulgent, and might occasionally worry about their own self-interests more than others, so you can’t assume they’ll be there for you at the drop of a hat.