Close up of female hands having manicure.
Your Ultimate Guide To Every Different Type Of Manicure
Basic Manicure
Basic manicures can be performed at home or at the nail salon. You can expect to pay $20 to $25 for a basic mani with classic nail polish, and it typically lasts less than a week.
Classic Gel Manicure
Gel manicures require multiple coats of polish, and each coat is cured under a UV or LED light. Gel polish is more resistant to chipping, and it can last two to four weeks.
A gel manicure without designs is often around $35, but that price can change dramatically depending what you get. Learning to do your mani at home with a kit is less expensive.
Hard Gel Manicure
Hard gel is for adding extra length and strength to your natural nail plates. It’s a complicated process, so it’s best to go to a nail salon to get your desired shape.
Depending on the length, design, and additional services, expect to pay $80 to $100. Refills cost at least $40, last three or four weeks, and should be removed professionally.
Acrylic Full Set
Also known as nail extensions, only a trained nail tech can provide this service. They will glue nail tips to your natural nail, brush on beads of acrylic, file, and apply polish.
A basic set costs between $30 to $40, but adding designs can bump it up to $60 or $75. They can last up to four weeks if properly maintained, and should be removed at the salon.
Acrylic Fill
Acrylic fills are like facelifts for an acrylic set. A nail tech will fill in the area by your cuticle to cover nail growth, then they will repaint the nails and add a top coat.
Fills are recommended every two to three weeks to prevent damage to your nail plate, and only costs $20 to $30. If you’re ready to remove your acrylics, it’ll cost around $10.