Woman with her hair covering half her face who has an eyebrow piercing
Your Ultimate Guide To Getting An Eyebrow Piercing
Right For Your Face
Body modification expert DaVo Wilkins has shared that eyebrow piercings don’t work for everybody as “it all comes down to the structure of the brow, placement and the jewelry.”
For the piercing to heal properly and stay in, there needs to be enough tissue around the eyebrow so the jewelry isn't too close to the skull and the skin isn't pulled too tight.
Pain Levels
If you’re not sure about the pain levels of an eyebrow piercing, you’ll be happy to know that it is one of the least painful piercings you can get done.
Many people liken getting their eyebrow pierced to the feeling of a bad pinch, so if you’ve never had a body piercing done before, an eyebrow piercing is a good place to start.
How They’re Done
After admin stuff, the piercer will have you sit or lay down before drawing two dots on your eyebrow where the needle will go in and come out and will have you choose jewelry.
The piercer will then use sterilized equipment and will clean the skin. They will use a specialized clamp, insert a hollow needle and slide in the jewelry you’ve chosen.
Choosing Your Piercer
To find the best place to get your eyebrow piercing done, you need to do your research and ensure your piercer is certified and that the shop is clean.
Once you’ve chosen a place, pay them a visit and see if you feel comfortable there. You’ll also want to take note if they are using sterilized equipment and washing their hands.
Preparing For Your Appointment
You should start prepping for your appointment the day before by staying hydrated, eating a good dinner, and making sure you get enough sleep, so you should stay sober.
On the day of, have a little snack before and plan your day around your appointment. If you’re nervous, practice breathing exercises before and during the piercing.