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Your Ultimate Guide To Preventing And Treating Thigh Chafing
What Causes Thigh Chafing?
Chafing is something that can occur if your skin is repeatedly rubbing against something — such as your clothes, or another patch of skin — for an extended amount of time. It might not be as serious or urgent as other skin issues, but it is still incredibly irritating and annoying to deal with.
Is Your Skin Chafed?
Chafed skin can sting, burn, or feel completely sore to the touch, and it may also itch, especially during the healing stages. The skin will look red, irritated, and chapped, and may appear as a rash of cracked and raised scaly patches, with possible lesions, blisters, or brown spots on the affected area.
Anti-Chafing Body Glides
Using anti-chafing body glide products is simple enough because all you have to do is rub the glide over the areas you're most concerned about. The benefits are that they tend to be enriched with vitamins and dry moisture to keep your skin as safe as possible.
Use Deodorant
Applying a fresh coat of deodorant between your thighs is another brilliant option to consider if you need to use something you already have on-hand. The only issue with using deodorant is that you'll have to continually reapply the deodorant as soon as it starts to wear off.
Thigh Bands Or Garters
Certain garters specifically designed to combat thigh chafing are a fabulous item to wear if you want to protect your skin while feeling as confident and sexy as ever. Thigh bands provide the same service as a garter, but they aren't always as gorgeous to admire.