Your Ultimate Guide To Understanding The Scorpio Zodiac Sign
According to Greek mythology, Orion was a huntsman who planned to rid Earth of animals, but this infuriated Gais, the goddess of Earth and protector of animals, so she sent a scorpion named Scorpius to battle Orion. Scorpius stung Orion which ended up killing them both, so to honor Scorpius, he was placed among the stars where he can be seen pursuing Orion.
Scorpio’s Element
Scorpios are water signs, and they’re known as being determined, ambitious, and resourceful; however, this also leads them to be rooted in their opinions and have a relentless need to be in control. They have intense emotions, and because they rule fall and are born around Halloween, they have a side that craves darkness and mystery.
Symbols Of Scorpio
The Scorpio glyph is a curvy capital M with an upturned arrow on the end, and the curve represents the sign’s sensible nature while the upturned arrow resembles the barbed stinger of a scorpion. Some things associated with Scorpios are chrysanthemums and geraniums, opals and topaz, steel and iron, as well as the color black.
Scorpio Energy
Scorpio is a feminine sign because it obtains energy from the moon, and although this sign may appear cold, harsh, or distant, their emotional lives are a result of its powerful feminine energy. Scorpios have high levels of intuition that helps them navigate through new relationships and figure out whether someone is trustworthy.
Planetary Rulers
This sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars, and Pluto is ruled by Hades so the planet heightens their psychic powers as they’re drawn to the darkness and mystery of life with a sense of fearlessness. Mars is associated with anger, aggression, and survival instincts, so Mars has the power to negatively sway a Scorpio’s self-worth.