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Your Ultimate Guide To What Not To Wear To A Wedding
Never Wear White
The most obvious and paramount rule surrounding wedding guest attire is to never wear white. The bride should be the only one wearing white at her wedding — it’s her moment to shine, and choosing to wear white deliberately distracts from her.
Something Too Risque
Avoid clothing made out of see-through material or spandex, clothing that reveals excessive cleavage, lingerie dresses made out of lace, or worse. A wedding isn't the time or place for provocative outfits, which can be saved for nights out before or after the event.
Bridal Party’s Color
If you know what color the bridal party is wearing, try not to wear the same color or any piece of clothing that matches their outfits so you don’t get mistaken for a bridesmaid or groomsman. This will minimize confusion, and help the wedding run as smoothly as possible.
Even if the bride and groom have expressed that they want their guests to show up in casual clothing, you still shouldn't wear flip-flops to a wedding. They may be comfy, but they are way too casual for an event that's supposed to be respectable and special.
Loud Jewelry
If one small move causes your jewelry to clink and clank around, you'll pull attention away from the bride and groom since everyone will be looking your way instead. Since the volume at weddings tends to be on the quiet side, loud jewelry just isn't a great idea.