Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Stubborn To Completely Go With The Flow
Astrologists worldwide tend to agree that Taurus is the most stubborn zodiac sign. Their stubborn nature can make it difficult to communicate with a stubborn Taurus and arguments can last for hours, mostly because they are unwilling to admit they might be wrong.
Capricorns contain a unique type of stubbornness. In an argument, Capricorns are unlikely to concede because many have difficulty seeing perspectives that differ from their own, which means they rarely back down or apologize even if they know they are in the wrong.
Leo is a fixed fire sign with a powerful stubborn streak. They tend to feel emotions strongly and while they are loyal friends, they are known to be aggressively headstrong, making them the third most stubborn of the zodiac.
Aquarians are progressive, radical thinkers who despise change or having their beliefs challenged. Despite their many great qualities, Aquarius is a fixed sign with all of the stubborn trappings associated with the modality, so their penchant for idealism makes them immediately shun old or outdated ways of thinking.
Like the ram, people that fall under the Aries zodiac are incredibly stubborn. They can have stubborn and combative natures, but rather than stemming from a sinister or mean place, it is more likely from impatience and boredom.