10 Gifts For Anyone Who’s Always On Top Of The Latest Wellness Trends

wellness gifts

Whether it’s your bestie who lives and breathes for bootcamp or your sister who sleeps with a lithium quartz on her bedside table, your holiday shopping list most likely includes someone who is obsessed with the latest health trends. So, from crystal-infused body massagers to CBD gummies to a water bottle unlike any we’ve ever seen, here’s what to get all the wellness junkies in your life — or anyone, really, because we could all use some self-care.

wellness gifts

WelleCo Super Greens Elixir Set ($79; welleco.com)

Did you know that your body functions best when it’s in an alkaline state? Your wellness-obsessed friend probably did. That’s why they’ll appreciate this kit, which comes with pH testing strips, plus the super elixir powder, formulated with 45 different whole foods.

wellness gifts

The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier ($99; amazon.com)

Perfect for bedrooms or travel, this removes allergens, pollutants, dust, and odor. Plus, it also has a built-in aromatherapy pad, so you can use it to diffuse essential oils, too.

wellness gifts

Sunday Scaries Vegan AF Gummies ($45; forsundayscaries.com)

Give the gift of chill with these gummies, made with CBD, plus vitamins D3 and B12, to help calm anxiety. Totally vegan and very delicious, we’re big fans.

wellness gifts

Teami Tea Infused Facial Oil ($40; teamiblends.com)

This brand may be known for their (drinkable) tea blends, but consider these the topical version. Each of the three skin-saving varieties — Soothe, Repair, and Glow — of tea-infused oils are made with 100 percent plant extracts.

wellness trends

Pursoma Digital Detox Bath Soak ($34; nordstrom.com)

She can use this clay and sea salt-infused soak as part of a nightly ritual to help her relax and unplug from the day’s stresses. The natural sleep aid is the perfect way to help reset the mind and the body.

wellness gifts

Larq Water Bottle ($95; livelarq.com)

Everybody has a water bottle, but how many people have one that’s not only self-cleaning (the first of its kind) but purifies water, too? We thought so. This tech-y bottle uses LED light to eliminate contaminants from the actual bottle, as well as the water. Bonus points for the super chic look.

wellness gifts

Inscape App Subscription ($58.99; itunes.com)

When it comes to wellness gifts, this tops our list. A year’s subscription to this app is the ideal gift for anyone looking to build a meditation practice. With guided meditation sessions (ranging from beginner to advanced), it also gives personalized recommendations and helpful mindfulness sessions to get her through an array of different challenges.

wellness gifts

Mazz Rose Quartz Body Massagers ($85; mazzhanna.com)

Rose quartz is known for helping to promote feelings of self-love, and nothing says self-love more than a massage. These body massagers can be used cold (great for de-puffing), or warm (for that hot stone massage effect).

wellness gifts

Terez Steel Stars Tall Band Leggings ($82; terez.com)

We have yet to find a woman out there who wouldn’t want to get a great pair of leggings as a gift. This comfy pair is sweat-wicking, won’t get stretched out, and fits just right. There’s no shortage of fun patterns to choose from, though we’re partial to this star print.

wellness gfits

Breathe ($45; breatheb12.com)

These diffusers contain 10,000 mcg of B12, 10 times the amount in a typical B12 shot. (And as any wellness aficionado will tell you, the vitamin is essential for overall health energy levels.) Why inhale it instead of pop a pill? It may be better absorbed this way, upping the overall effects. So cutting edge.