7 Trendy New Fitness Studios That Will Make You Sweat

Photo: Photo: Aral Tasher / Unsplash Copy

Boutique fitness has been on the rise since the opening of cult-fave studios like SoulCycle and Pop Physique. And, these days, there are studios popping up all over the country (and Canada too!) with unique angles to which they approach fitness. “The title [boutique fitness] is interesting in the sense that the trend gives an opportunity for people to create any class they want out of it. We make up our own rules as we go,” says Ryan Allen, founder and owner of Lifted in San Francisco. With boutique fitness comes authenticity as there is often a personality behind each studio, he adds.

Whatever method of movement you are into, whether it's fast and competitive or chill and restorative, we found seven studios that offer something familiar with a fun twist. Sign up now before classes fill up!



Allen’s studio combines high intensity intervals (think kettlebells, dumbbells, band work, and body weight) with a balance of meditation. He works with classes of up to seven people so that each client can have their own comfortable, personalized, and gratifying experience. “It’s really key and something people didn’t really realize they needed until they got it,” he says of the intimate group size.

Allen and the Lifted team have one studio in San Francisco, but are expanding their services to include world-wide retreats. These retreats will incorporate the small-group exercise that Allen values so highly, along with his methods of life coaching.

Lit Method

This Los Angeles studio specializes in low impact training, which is designed to target and isolate each muscle group with reduced risk of injury (no jumping, no heavy lifting, no running). If you’re recovering from an injury or have found intense workouts are not for you, definitely give this a try.

Tight Club Athletics

Joining this Vancouver studio isn’t just about joining a gym. President and head coach, Keighty Gallagher, told Gray, that her studio is about the sports team mentality instead, which makes sense of why their studio is referred to as a field house. The sessions integrate diverse training methods, from pilates to plyo, and incorporate athletic-inspired moves.


Katherine Mason found a home for her studio in Atlanta. If you’re looking for an intense sculpting workout, this studio is perfect for you, as it employs the Lagree Fitness™ Method. The combo of stability training and a low-impact treadmill sculpt long and lean muscle.



From the decor to the training itself, this is New York City's trendiest new gym and it's fierce. The studio’s method is driven by results, allowing for completely customized workout regimens like team training, boxing, and HIIT. You’ll also receive fitness and body metric assessments to help you keep track of your progress.

Speir Pilates


Andrea Speir, founder and head teacher, has worked to create a space in Santa Monica, CA, that combines modern cardio aerobics with lengthening and sculpting movements through eight different classes (including a bring-your-baby workout!).

CorePower Yoga

This studio blends the mentality of yoga with the grit of intense fitness. The classes include challenging yoga poses, free weights, and strength-training moves like squats and lunges, plus upbeat music to encourage your sweat sesh.