Here’s Why Crystal Elixirs Are Instagram’s Favorite Wellness Trend

crystal elixirs

Photo: @glaccebottles

Unless you have completely signed off social media, you’ve probably noticed that everyone from Goop editors to leading influencers have been spiking their water bottles with a sparkling shot of crystal energy. Topping Kombucha and other wellness teas as the most ‘grammable beverage, crystal elixirs are suddenly everywhere. Also known as crystal essences, these elixirs are believed to infuse water with vibrational energy that can completely transform a person’s daily wellness practice. But what’s causing this holistic craze?

Crystal healing in general has been rising in popularity, seeing a 40 percent increase in Google searches over the last four years. The trend has taken over everything from home design to haute couture. Victoria Beckham lined her recent runway with black obsidian while the Olsen twins gave crystals as gifts at their latest show. Crystals have also entered the mainstream beauty market with everything from jade rollers to gemstone-infused serums, mists, and masks. Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics, for example, is made from water that’s been filtered through rose quartz for added “love vibrations.”

As the wellness pendulum continues to swing in the direction of mindfulness and self-care, crystals present an attractive entry point into a more lifestyle-driven approach, focusing us back on that idea of ritual and intention. “Being healthy is more than going to the gym – it’s mindfulness, intention, potential. People are discovering how much their mental health is tied to their physical health,” explains Julia Schoen, co-founder of Glacce, the original and now cult-fave crystal elixir water bottle. “With these bottles, not only are you getting proper hydration, but you’re using the crystal to enhance your mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s all connected,” she adds.

Each bottle, with five in total, contains a different quartz for its specific properties. It’s a whole new approach to harnessing the power of precious stones — and apparently people are super down. They don’t come cheap — Glacce bottles go for $80 while competitor prices peak at $330 — yet consumers continue to praise their potential.

crystal elixirs

Photo: c/o GLACCE

The different quartzes, from amethyst to black obsidian crystals, which sit at the bottom of the glass bottles, are believed to charge the water with different properties, such as positivity, love, calm, creativity, intuition, strength, clarity, and relaxation, to name a few. Because the energy is being directly absorbed into your body, it’s said to have more impact on a physical and mental level. And for spirituality cynics? “Beyond their spiritual uses, crystals are transmitters of energy and are seen as a natural filter and purifier,” Schoen says. “Quartz crystals are not only used in healing practices, but they are very commonly used in electronic devices as conduits for energy as well.”

As for the healing properties of crystal elixirs, there is no scientific evidence backing the centuries of belief and practice. The power of ritual, intention, and energy from within are still the primary drivers in the crystal space. “Crystals are known in the alternative healing world as vessels that hold, store, and transform negative energy into positive energy,” explains Schoen. “In the healing community, it is believed that emotions have a unique frequency. The crystals help ‘tune’ our own energy to a positive frequency, eradicating negative emotions in the process. Much like in a watch or phone, we use healing crystals as a transmitter for positive energy.”

As you sip, you’re also encouraged to be present and set intentions for the stones. “Crystal elixirs are amazing because you can customize them by setting an intention in your stone,” Schoen says. “Each time you drink, not only are you taking in water charged with the natural energy of the stone, but your intention is being amplified by the crystal and infused in your water.”

While scientific evidence in this field has been lacking, there are now independent studies underway in Germany that are delving into the potential effects crystals have on water quality. With results reporting so far that crystals are improving and neutralizing harmful substances in water, this space is worth watching. Considering the buzz around these precious stones right now, whether you’re looking for the health benefits or the intention, one thing is clear: If crystal elixirs help us focus on the positive, pause, reflect, and have a moment of cosmic calm or clarity in the chaos of our everyday, then that’s a vibe worth drinking up.

[Note: If attempting a DIY elixir, certain crystals can release toxic substances. Do your research thoroughly. Crystals are also not a substitute for medical care. If you are concerned about a specific health issue or side effect, always consult a healthcare specialist.]