9 Kitchen Items That Make It Easier To Eat Clean

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If you hoped this lap around the sun would be focused on improving your health but you still find yourself ordering takeout for every meal, we’re definitely not judging you — but we also don't want you to give it up. Look, we get it: Filling your diet with nutritious, colorful vegetables and lean, minimally-processed meats requires some skill. If you’re not so handy in the kitchen, this creates a whole new barrier to meeting your wellness goals. Though we can’t all be Ina Garten, you can make your at-home chef skills easier by investing in quality items that streamline the process. Below, the best products for clean eating your way back to #Instahealth. 

1 Echo Show ($229; amazon.com)

For those of us who aren’t exactly masters at memorizing recipes, there’s nothing more stressful than being three steps in to a recipe with messy hands. To the rescue is this hands-free device from none other than Amazon. By connecting to Alexa, you simply ask for the next step in the recipe, and the page will scroll as it reads the step out loud to you. And hey, if you use it to watch Grey’s Anatomy while you’re chopping? We won’t judge. 

2 Heath Ceramics Dinner Plate ($36; heathceramics.com)

A recent study from Cornell suggests the color of your plate matters on how much you eat. If there is a higher contrast between the hue of your dinner plate and the food that's on it, you’ll actually eat less. These pretty slate plates from Heath are ideal for when you’re tempted to eat more white carbs. 

3 Swiss Diamond Nonstick Stock Pot ($165; amazon.com)

Soup is an any-season dish, especially when you're trying to eat cleaner. With this pot, you get the luxe experience since it’s made with — wait for it — diamonds to reinforce the non-stick technology. Plus, the cast aluminum pot is oven-safe up to 500 degrees and distributes heat evenly with less stirring. 

4 BELLA Smokeless Indoor Grill ($50; amazon.com)

Let's be honest: There are only so many times you can stomach stove-top chicken. But if you live in an apartment that doesn’t give you outdoor space, firing up the charcoal isn’t an option. Thanks to this smokeless, indoor grill, you can have that same “off the grill” experience — and flavor. What's more, it can also be used to roast, sauté, and steam. 

5 SANS Original Bottle ($29; amazon.com)

If you're into showing off your smoothie of the day, you may want to consider this highly-recommended bottle. It's more than just looks, though. The lid of the bottle features a super-cool (and handy) vacum pump that can preserve the texture, flavor, and oomp of your blended beauty for up to seven days. 

6 Seedsheets Mini Salad Sheet ($15; amazon.com)

Ever find yourself browsing through the fresh produce aisles of your grocery store, wondering why chippies are cheap and lettuce is so pricey? Even if you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you can now grow your own arugula, spinach, and more with this simpleat-home solution. When you buy, you’ll be sent soil and seeds, as well as access to the Seedsheet software that gives you helpful tips and recipes.

7 ET-736 WiFi Digital & Wireless Chef Roasting Thermometer ($130; amazon.com)

This wireless thermometer takes away the guesswork in meal temperatures. Ideal for your oven or stove top, it connects to your internet router so you can check in on the temp from wherever you are — living room, bedroom, bath, you name it. Also helpful: You can download recipes from the web and pre-program food settings. Talk about a multitasking!

8 Aquasana Clean Water Machine ($130; amazon.com)

We won’t nag you about drinking more water, however we will suggest you make doing so easier with this filter. It’s chic and compact enough for your kitchen counter, but also works overtime to remove more than 96 percent of the 77 contaminants that are often in water, from chlorine to mercury. As a bonus, you'll help out Mother Nature with each filter refill, since it saves 2,400 plastic water bottles a year. 

9 Raw Spice Bar Subscription (prices vary; rawspicebar.com)

Most people who give up on clean eating say it's because the food got boring. This monthly spice subscription sends over new packs inspired by recipes from different culinary destinations around the world, introducing new flavors and challenging you to get creative with your meals. Bonus? The spices are all salt-free!

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