8 Sex Toys That Provide Serious Pleasure

sex toys for women

Whether you’re using one solo, with a partner or some combination of both, don’t underestimate the power of bringing toys into the bedroom. There’s clearly no shortage of choices to pick from, though in curating your stash, it’s important to think about what you want. “Go into shopping for a sex toy by thinking about what you like. Explore your body and learn how and where you like to be touched,” advises Lisa Finn, a sex educator for Babeland. To get you started, here are seven of the best sex toys for women, with a little something for everyone and every preference.

sex toys for women

1 Palma ($128; unboundbabes.com)

Chic accessory or powerful vibrator? Answer: Both. This statement ring — available in different sizes and both gold and silver finishes — is also a vibrator, with five unique settings, from low to high and even a tapping mode. It legitimately comes across as a cool piece of jewelry, and I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the vibrations. Talk about a power accessory.

sex toys for women

2 Womanizer Duo ($219; womanizer.com)

Blended orgasms are a real thing, and this dual-purpose toy makes it easier than ever to reach one. One side vibrates against your G-spot while the other stimulates your clit. And rather than vibrating, it uses the brand’s patented Pleasure Air technology (which is, in fact, very pleasing). There are 12 intensity levels, and you can control the two sides individually or simultaneously. While it may not be the most discreet looking — it is pretty big — it’s notably quiet.

3 plusOne Vibrating Ring ($19.99; target.com)

Add sex toys to your Target shopping list. This brand recently launched three (all very affordable) products at your favorite one-stop-shop, including this ring. “Cock rings are great for couples because they’re so versatile,” says Finn. Not only do they make for a stronger, harder, erection, they also basically turn his penis into a vibrator, which feels great for the women, she adds. Though the ring stretches, it’s worth noting that it’s a bit easier to put on before he’s fully hard.

sex toys for women

4 OhMiBod BlueMotion NEX|1 ($129; amazon.com)

This high-tech toy features a small vibrator that’s controlled wirelessly via the OhMiBod app. All you and your partner have to do is download the app and take it from there. A game changer for long distance relationships or time spent apart, it takes sexting to a whole new level (trust us on that one). The app also has features like chatting, photo sharing, and even an orgasm quantity and intensity tracker.

sex toys for women

5 B-Vibe Anal Training and Education Set ($150; bvibe.com)

“The great thing about the butt is that it’s an equal opportunity orifice,” says Finn. “It’s full of nerve endings, so no matter your gender or sexuality, everyone can enjoy it.” This helpful kit makes it easy to do just that, with three different size butt plugs, lube (very important when it comes to anything anal-related), plus the practical stuff like an enema and even a helpful handbook.

6 Dame Eva II ($135; amazon.com)

Whether you use it alone or during sex, this vibrator makes hands-free orgasms a very real option. The small wings tuck under your labia so that it sits right on your clit. Plus, it’s lightweight and waterproof, and even comes with a convenient and discreet charging case.

sex toys for women

7 Squish Vibrator ($99; unboundbabes.com)

It’s all about ease of use with this cute vibrator. The harder you squeeze the soft silicone, the stronger the vibration gets, so you can work your way up to the Big O without fumbling. It features five speeds, strong vibes, and even allows you to create customized vibration patterns to replay later.

sex toys for women

8 Babeland Under the Bed Restraints ($69; babeland.com)

You don’t need a full-on Christian Grey red room in order to experiment with bondage. These wrist and ankle cuffs come attached to a simple strap set-up that you just pop under your mattress. It literally takes only a few minutes to get everything into position, and fits up to a king size bed. Also nice: The cuffs are soft and fasten with Velcro, so there’s no need to fidget with a key like you would with traditional handcuffs.

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"We often receive complimentary products to review at Glam. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a share of the revenue from our affiliate partners."