Stay In Shape This Winter Without Ever Leaving Your House Thanks To These Workout Apps

Photo: Instagram/@kaylaitsines

Getting to the gym is hard. Getting to the gym when it’s below freezing and still dark outside at 7 AM? Hell. No. Considering all anyone wants to do in the winter (or as I like to call it, Netflix and Chill Season) is cozy up under a cashmere throw and hibernate, workouts tend to suffer. But we’ve all heard the whole “summer bodies are made in the winter” thing, which means sweat sessions are still necessary. Plus, exercise keeps you happy and can help stave off seasonal depression. Also, sweating is a pretty creative way to stay warm.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay fit without ever having to leave home and brave the cold. Here are 7 of the best workout apps that you can do from your living room. You don’t even have to turn off Stranger Things.


Sworkit claims to have “something for everyone,” and they really, really live up to that promise. They offer guided workouts in everything from running to yoga to strength training at a variety of levels. Or, you can DIY your own workout depending on which areas you want to target and how long you want to work out for (fair warning: 15 minutes of their core workout has me sore for two days). There are also videos with each move to ensure you’re doing things correctly and getting the maximum effects of your workout.

Nike+ Training Club

Real talk: Is there anything more motivating than being coached through a workout by Serena Williams? Nike+ Training Club’s intense workout program, which was designed specifically for women, includes cardio and strength training routines narrated by celebs like Serena, Kevin Hart, and Ellie Goulding. The workouts are fully customizable, so you can decide whether or not you want to use equipment, and you can create your own playlist and track your progress as you go.

Sweat With Kayla

Thousands of people aren’t sharing their #transformationselfies on Instagram for nothing: Sweat With Kayla really. Does. Work. The 12-week plan includes three days of resistance training (legs, arms/abs, and full body), three days of cardio, two recovery workouts, and an optional challenge. The workouts change every week and get harder as you get stronger. Some of the moves do require gym equipment (like weights, a bench or a medicine ball) but you can often work your way around them. FYI: water bottles make great hand weights.

7-Minute Workout Challenge

Yes, you can literally get fit in 7 minutes… which is basically the length of an XL commercial break. With 7-Minute Workout Challenge, your routine is condensed into an intense session that claims to give you the same benefits as a full hour in the gym. It's based on the principle of HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) and consists of 12 bodyweight exercises completed in rapid succession within a 7-minute period. It may be a little too good to be true, though: While 7 minutes are definitely effective (Warning: YOU WILL BE SWEATING), the app recommends doing the circuits two or three times in a row for maximum results. So basically, you can get a full workout in while watching an episode of Friends!


Freeletics can be done anywhere, which means you can get a workout in on your bedroom floor or on the beach in St. Barths during your winter vacation. It has a variety of workouts that include a combination of running, cardio and strength training. The free version of the app offers access to plans and customizable workouts, though there's also a paid option that lets you sign-up monthly or yearly for a personal trainer.

Daily Ab Workout/Daily Butt Workout

Consider Daily Ab Workout and Daily Butt Workout your fast-track to looking like J.Lo. They’ll give you a different, targeted 10-minute workout every day, which you can do lying on the living room floor. They're great supplements for hardcore runners and cardio lovers who are looking to add some quick sculpting and strengthening to their routines.

Pocket Yoga

Get your Om on at home with Pocket Yoga. There are 200 different poses and 27 programs to choose from, and the app offers visual and vocal instruction for each of them. You can also integrate your own music, which means you can Downward-Facing Dog to Rihanna as often as you’d like.