Can You Totally Transform Your Energy…With Stickers?

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Therapeutic Smart Stickers

Photo: c/o Body Vibes

Yep, you read that correctly. Body Vibes are so-called “therapeutic smart stickers” that deliver unique frequencies and vibrations to ultimately make you feel better. I drink all this kind of Eastern medicine, New-age Kool-Aid, so naturally I found these energy-altering stickers very intriguing. Here’s what happened when I tried them.

There are nine different types of Body Vibes stickers; each one is meant to help or address a different aspect or issue. There’s an anti-anxiety sticker, one to help you focus, one to promote self-love, one to boost your mood…you get the picture. So, how do they work, you ask? To simplify it, think of your body as a big electrical system, with everything you do and feel emitting electrical impulses. Within each sticker, there are stored frequencies and vibrations that are meant to communicate and work with your body’s own energy system, ultimately bringing it back to a point of homeostasis (aka balance).

Over the course of three days, I tried three different stickers, wearing each one for 24 hours. The stickers are small, round, and feature cute designs (though be prepared for people to ask a lot of questions). You’re supposed to wear them on the left side of your body, above your heart; I wore all mine on my left shoulder. Note that while they are waterproof, sweat-proof, and meant to last for up to 72 hours, I found mine to be not quite as sticky as I would have liked.

Therapeutic Smart Stickers

Photo: c/o Body Vibes

First up, Flower Power, meant to help you find peace, contentment, and chill vibes overall. Of all the stickers I tried, I felt the most noticeable effects from this one. As a hardcore Type A personality, it’s hard for me to ever fully chill out, especially during the week. But I popped this one on Monday afternoon — at the start of an especially busy and stressful week, I might add — and by dinnertime, I felt as if it were a lazy Sunday morning. Deadlines and work issues faded from memory, as I hit the couch and fully immersed myself in some legit Bravo watching, without even checking my email for the rest of the night. I can for sure see myself using this during particularly stressful times — because, if nothing else, it’s a healthier de-stressor than a glass of wine.

Next up, the Energy sticker, said to help facilitate change and promote feelings of empowerment. Interestingly enough, shortly after I stuck this one on, I got some pretty crazy and unexpected news. (I’ll spare you the details, but it was related to some pretty traumatic issues from my past, which suddenly resurfaced.) Now, granted, I don’t know for certain whether it was the sticker, many years of therapy, or some combination of both, but I quickly realized that I was much more unfazed by this crazy turn of events than I thought I would be. Verdict still out for me on this sticker, but I’d be willing to try it again.

Finally, Focus, for increasing productivity. (Yes, please.) I wore this one during a particularly intense day of work and I have to say, I did feel more clear-headed and less distracted and tempted to step away from my computer. I will most definitely reach for this one again.

The bottom line: The differences I noticed from these stickers weren’t necessarily earth-shattering, but there was enough of a change that I will for sure try them again (and experiment with all the other ones, too.) You can also cocktail them and wear more than one at a time, which I plan on doing as well. If you’re into this kind of stuff, I say it’s worth giving these a try.