Underboob Sweat Is No Match For These Brilliant Bra Ice Packs

boob sweat

Any person with boobs knows that the moment the weather starts to warm up, the bras you wear immediately become Swamp Town USA. Boob sweat is no doubt one of the most uncomfortable side effects of summer. But Polar Products just released a savvy solution that's going to change the game.

Cool58 Bra Coolers ($41) are essentially ice packs that you stick in your bra to stay cool, banishing boob sweat before it ruins your outfit — and mood. The set comes with two gel inserts that sort of look like chicken cutlets and function like an ice pack, becoming activated once placed in the freezer, refrigerator or even ice water in a pinch. But don't worry: They cap at comfortable 58ºF and come with cotton covers so your nips don't freeze.

“When you are overheated, sometimes all you need is a quick, refreshing cool down in just the right places!” the product description reads. The website also claims that deliver a cooling sensation for up to an hour, but variants like climate, body metabolism, and activity could have an impact. Also nice? You can throw them right in the washing machine and reuse them for seasons to come.

boob sweat

The bra coolers come in two size variations — one for cups A, B, and C and one for cups D and larger — and they fit discreetly under most styles. Slip them into your go-to bra before running errands or slide one into your sports bra when exercising outdoors.

Wondering if they actually work? Well, the product currently has 4.5 star rating and lots of positive customer reviews. “I used the bra coolers the first day that I got them,” one happy customer wrote. “Texas had already reached at least 100 that week. Best purchase I have made. I would recommend to any female.”

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