A Crash Course In Healing Crystals: 5 Ways To Unlock Their Power

healing crystals

The crystal craze is real, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. What once may have been something only your hippie-dippy aunt in Sedona was doing, has now gone mainstream. But the practice of using healing crystals is nothing new. “While there are no definitive scientific studies on crystal healing, there is evidence that crystals have been used for thousands of years in ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and other civilizations, which does seem to indicate their efficacy,” explains Andrea Barone Sazwan, founder and CEO of Crystal Hills.

“People are rediscovering their special qualities and using them to restore harmony into their hectic and stressful lives,” she adds. The premise is simple: Crystals are powerful energy conductors with their own unique vibrational frequency. When placed near a person’s energy field, the crystal’s energy is able to harmonize it, creating balance where it may be needed, Sazwan explains. Harmony and balance? Yes, please.

Here’s how to use healing crystals to achieve just that.

Choose crystals you’re drawn to

“Each crystal possesses unique properties and traits, including those that are easily recognizable, such as color, shape, and opacity,” explains Sazwan. Along with these visible qualities are those unique vibrational frequencies, which make different crystals helpful for different things. You may be instinctively drawn toward a crystal that will help you in a certain area of your life — without even realizing it. In other words, go with your gut and grab whichever ones speak to you.

Do a little research on their traits

Not getting a gut feeling? “It’s worth looking into the unique properties and traits each crystal offers to determine which one would be beneficial to incorporate into your life,” advises Sazwan. A few popular ones include: Moonstone, which invokes feelings of love and sensuality; Rose Quartz to help heal broken hearts; and Lithium Quartz for a sense of calm and serenity.

Look into the sourcing, too

To the point of doing your research, it’s best to buy crystals from suppliers who can provide you with the details of the source of each crystal to ensure they follow ethical practices, notes Sazwan. When it comes to generating positive energy and vibes, using a crystal that was sourced using child labor isn’t going to cut it.

Place them in rooms you frequent

Consider them a piece of décor and incorporate crystals into whichever rooms you spend the most time in to take advantage of the maximum benefits. “Crystals can be displayed any way that works with a person’s interior design,” adds Sazwan. Placing them in the four corners of a room, or gridding, is said to ward off negative energies. However, we’re personally into placing larger amethyst stones on top of a stack of coffee table books, or smaller rose quarts along our vanity.

Utilize the sun and moon

“The natural energies transmitted by the sun and moon can also cleanse and energize your crystals,” says Sazwan. “Place your crystals on a window sill or outdoors in sunlight for a few hours, or in moonlight overnight,” she adds. To take it to the next level, you can even incorporate the various moon cycles and do so around the full and new moon, both of which are particularly powerful times, energetically speaking.