Jennifer Lopez Started A New Challenge On Social Media And It’s Intense

10-day challenge

While our social media feeds continue to overflow with #10YearChallenge posts, Jennifer Lopez is busy doing a different kind of challenge — one that focuses on her well-being, natch. Earlier this week, J.Lo and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez announced that they were taking part in a 10-day no-carb, no-sugar challenge, calling on friends and followers to join them.

“Join me and Jennifer for a 10-day challenge. No carbs, no sugar. Who's in?” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram, adding, “Someone hide the cookie dough.”

The fact that the couple is starting the new year with a diet challenge is no surprise, seeing that they share an intense gym schedule and focus on healthy living in general. But apparently, both J.Lo and A.Rod are finding it harder than they anticipated. “So, it turns out, when you don't have sugar and you don't have carbs, you're really really hungry all the time,” she said in an Instagram Story.

Rodriguez later joked, “Are we starting to lose our minds? Maybe … just a little.”

Kicking a sugar habit or love for carbs is challenging, even for those most disciplined. Your body fights back at first, boosting hunger and food cravings, while decreasing your energy levels. However, over time, you’ll start to see some amazing health benefits, including an increased metabolism, better sleep, a steadier stream of energy, improved focus, and smoother skin. It may be the trick to maintain weight-loss, too, according to a recent study.

Four days into the challenge, Lopez posted a photo of her insane abs, writing, “Day 4 and feeling… a lil better.” Her stomach is toned, and her skin is glowing, which may be the only motivation we need to start a healthy new eating plan. With that said, you don’t have to completely quit sugar or carbs to see results. Carbohydrates are not the enemy — in fact, they fuel your brain, muscles, and nervous system — and a little sugar is nothing to be afraid of. The key is cutting back.