Kelly Ripa Reveals Her ‘Biological Age’ Is Actually 35

kelly ripa biological age

You could say Kelly Ripa is aging in reverse. The Live With Kelly And Ryan host just celebrated her 49th birthday, but she recently took the Epigenetic Aging and Stress test and discovered her biological age is 35. That's a full 14 years less!

“I’m 49 years old in age, my chronological age. But my biological age is 35. I was like, ‘Is that all? Because I would say it’s much younger!'” Kelly told Ryan and her viewers last week.

What exactly does this mean? According to her nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, the Epigenetic Aging and Stress test measures how your body is handling physical, chemical, and emotional stress, explaining that it looks at how you eat, think, move your body, and handle stress. He told People that the test is “basically a state-of-the-art technology that measures how your brain and nervous system are functioning, because ultimately that is what controls and coordinates your entire health.”

“It looks at your energy index,” Dr. Gioffre continued. “Kelly had one of the highest numbers I’ve ever seen.” (That's a good thing.) And though Ripa's physique is likely partially due to genetics, she certainly puts in the work to maintain it. “She works as hard on her health as she does on the show… she probably [works] harder than anyone I know,” he said.

He pointed out that Ripa's strict fitness routine includes running, SoulCycle classes, and the AKT method's cardio-strength classes. Diet is also a huge factor. Ripa follows a plant-based way of eating and, as well as an alkaline wellness plan founded by Dr. Gioffre. Alkaline diets are based on the idea that certain foods can impact the pH balance of your body. Though there's not a whole lot of evidence to suggest this is true, Ripa's diet appears to be paying off. It includes “things like dark green leafy vegetables, lots of salads, lots of soups, lots of smoothies.”

It's not exactly groundbreaking to learn that fitness and a balanced diet can lead to improved health, and let's not forget that Ripa has access to the top doctors, nutritionists, and trainers. Still, it's pretty impressive that she looks so darn good going on 50.

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