Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Toned Body In New Bikini Shot

Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez isn't the only pop star who appears to be aging in reverse. Mariah Carey recently showed off her crazy toned body in a poolside bikini shot she shared on Instagram to say goodbye to summer.

In the photo, the 49-year-old is rocking a tiny black bikini, black heels, and a colorful robe. Her serious six-pack and toned thighs are on full display as she happily struts towards the camera, looking off into the distance. She captioned the photo, “From the summer to the fall, we migrate #bye,” referencing her 2008 hit song, “Migrate.”

Followers are going insane over the pic, which has over 344,000 likes and counting. Social media star Greg Bennett came through with this epic comment: “Was this taken today, or in 1991? Could truly be either. Ageless Legend.” Another fan added: “Queen of looking 22 at 49.”

In addition to the singer's impressive physique, others are pointing out how she's radiating happiness. “You look stunning and happy,” fellow music icon Brandy wrote. With abs like those, who wouldn't be? Gotta hand it to her.

The secret behind Carey's incredibly fit body is combination of regular cardio workouts and strict dietary rules. Hollywood Lifereports that she's been working with a personal trainer, as well as a nutritionist. Carey incorporates lots of lean protein (like smoked salmon) into her diet and has entirely eliminated processed sugar; instead, she satisfies her sweet tooth with fruit.

But despite her intense fitness plan, Carey doesn't focus on numbers. The singer told¬†Shape that she doesn't weight herself anymore: “[I'd ask myself] does this dress fit better than it did three years ago? Then I'd be like, 'OK, I'm good!'” she said.

Clearly, it's working wonders for her.

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