‘New Girl’ Star Hannah Simone Has The Best Approach To Wellness Ever

hannah simone

Photo: SplashNews

When it comes to wellness, New Girl star Hannah Simone has one straightforward mantra: Keep. It. Simple.

“I like simple, no-brainer habits — that's my approach to wellness,” the actress, who’s partnered with SmartyPants vitamins, tells us in a phone interview. “It has to be easy, it has to be something I can do every day, and it has to be something that gets results, otherwise what's the point? If it’s just a waste of energy, then I won't do it.”

For the 37-year-old actress — who just wrapped up seven seasons on the hit show and recently welcomed her first child with husband Jesse Giddings — finding the time to take care of herself isn’t always easy. But it’s something that’s absolutely necessary, which is why she keeps it uncomplicated. “I just found that there was a direct link between my wellness and my happiness, so I found that I needed to prioritize my wellness — my mental, spiritual, and physical health — and make time and space for it,” she says, confessing that 5 a.m. call times and full days on set are not exactly conducive to a regular workout routine. “It's really difficult to then find time for self-care.”

To make wellness work with her lifestyle, she turned to her dad and some of the Buddhist principles that he follows. “His whole approach has always been to keep it simple, because the unhealthiest thing that you can do in your entire life is stress,” she says. “I started to evaluate the areas of my life, the things that I thought were making me healthy or I was trying to do in an effort to make myself healthy, and it really was stressful.”

So, instead of forcing a routine she hated, Simone formed wellness habits that made her feel healthy and happy at the same time. Here, she spills on exactly what that looks like.

On her workout routine:

Wandering around the gym by herself is not Simone’s thing. Instead, she’s big into the buddy system: “I like to work out with really strong, empowered women that work with me and tailor something so that it works specifically for me, for my body type, for my schedule,” she says, crediting trainers Amy Rosoff and Trish The Ish for her strength. “It just makes me feel really good… All of us are different, right? I think we have to just be honest with what works for us.”

On her approach to food:

When it comes to food, the keyword in Simone’s life is balance. “My dad taught me to eat in moderation — that's really it,” she says. “This idea that we have to deny ourselves completely, that's not healthy. Life is supposed to be enjoyed. We get pleasure out of eating things that make us happy, so there's worth in that. But you do have to make sure that you are covering your overall health, and we all know that taking vitamins are important. You need something that will plug those nutritional gaps when you decide, you know, that an entire pizza is really what’s best for your self-care today.”

On how she de-stresses:

For Simone, easing stress is not a solo act. “The way I de-stress is through community,” she says. “I’m a girl, I want to talk a lot about whatever is stressing me out. I need someone to come over and we're going to sit and we're just going to talk… For some reason that's very cathartic and therapeutic, and I feel better after sitting there with one of my friends.”

On her swear-by supplements:

“The idea of walking into the vitamin aisle was very stressful to me,” she says. “I just didn't feel like I had the education, I didn't feel like I knew what I was supposed to be doing for myself. So, it really is finding out the brands that are authentic and transparent and that work for you.” For her, that brand happens to be SmartyPants, which offers gummy multivitamins with benefits for women, men, and kids.