The 7 Next Big Fitness Trends — And What They Can Do For You

exercise trends

If the new year is inspiring you to get back in shape, you’re not alone. According to recent research on the topic, over 65 percent of people pledge to exercise more, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find an open treadmill at the gym. Happily, in 2019, there are a number of innovative new workouts that will make you sweat. Get a jump on your fitness resolutions by trying these seven latest exercise trends.

Asymmetrical training

While most exercises require that you move both your arms or legs at the same time (think a squat or chest press), during many of the real life, day-to-day movements we make, we’re only using one limb. “Using only one arm or leg at a time allows you to engage all of the muscle fibers involved in the movement, and using only one limb can actually help both become stronger,” says Amy Dixon, Director of Group Fitness Programming at Equinox. It also requires higher concentration and focus, so you’re more engaged in the workout, she adds, noting that she thinks 2019 will feature more exercise programs that utilize a single-limb technique.


While high-intensity workouts aren’t going anywhere, 2019 is about quality over quantity in terms of time and energy, as well as more self-care, says Dixon. That means an added focus on more chill types of classes — stretching specifically — to allow not only your body a space to decompress, but your mind, too. “We know and can no longer ignore the relationship between stress and the mind-body connection,” she adds.

Balance-focused workouts

“Everyone knows the benefits of core-based workouts, but I think in 2019 we are going to see balance workouts being used to take that up a notch,” says Rachel Piskin, co-founder of ChaiseFitness in New York City. Not to mention that it’s also easy to incorporate a balance element into pretty much any type of move. One of her favorites? Lifting one foot off the floor while you’re in a plank.

Fitness apps

The easiest way to work out wherever, whenever, the list of fitness apps is going to keep getting longer and longer. “These are a great alternative for those that don’t have access to gyms or classes, and make a healthier lifestyle truly accessible to everybody,” says Liana Hughes, a certified personal trainer and coach at Gixo

exercise trends

Group fitness parties

“Instead of having parties with drinking, bad food, and loud music, fitness has flipped the script,” says fitness expert and professional stuntwoman April Sutton. You can still have the loud music part, but just coupled with a good sweat session; it’s an opportunity not only to work out, but also a healthy way to socialize, she adds. Planning a bachelorette or birthday party? Consider it the perfect opportunity to get in on the fitness party trend.


We know, we know — been there, done that. But according to Piskin, Pilates is poised to come back in a big way this year. “We’re seeing a big resurgence in its popularity, which will continue to grow. The benefits of long, lean, and strong muscles are what so many people are aiming for, along with increased flexibility to keep bodies agile and less injury-prone,” she says.

exercise trends

Boxing boutiques

Once upon a time, if you wanted to box, your only option was an old-school boxing gym (cue Rocky).  That’s no longer the case.  “These are upscale studios that teach group boxing classes and are a lot less intimidating than the old alternative…and a lot of fun!” says Sutton. Also nice: You don’t have to worry about bringing gloves or wraps, and many also incorporate other types of exercise along with the boxing for a totally unique type of workout.

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