FemCare Company THINX Made A Blanket So You Can Have Sex On Your Period

period sex

Photo: THINX

THINX, the company known for making highly absorbent, period-proof panties, created a blanket that utilizes the very same technology with one sole purpose: period sex. Look, while you don't really need to invest in a $369 blanket if you want to have sex on your period, we do appreciate the way the period blanket aims to “smash the taboo” of period sex.

“So many people are made to feel afraid or ashamed of having sex on their period,” said Maria Molland Selby, CEO of THINX, ”But the truth is that period sex is totally safe and natural. In fact, orgasms release hormones that can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps.”

“We hope that the introduction of our Period Sex Blanket initiates a new kind of conversation around period sex; one that encourages people not to feel shame or shy away from the human body during their period. This is more than a blanket, this is another opportunity to bust through yet another period taboo and to open a much-needed dialogue about period sex and sex generally,” she added.

While the black side employs the absorbent technology THINX is known for, the satin side makes it stylish enough to keep out in your bedroom, regardless of what time of the month it may be. The brand describes their first foray into bedding on their website: “No hot mess, no stress. One side features our signature 4-layer tech to absorb fluids while you play, the other is crafted with plush satin (perf for cuddling) and features a v-inspired pattern in red stitching (low-key #periodpride).”

While we can certainly appreciate the brand's attempt to challenge the stigma that exists against female menstruation in today's society, we're not entirely sure you need to invest in brand-new bedding simply to enjoy having sex on your period. Period sex all comes down to personal preference. If you love getting down and dirty when you're surfing the crimson wave, you can totally do so on the sheets you already have–and if you feel a little too crampy and bloated to strip down when it's that time of the month, that's totally okay, too.