The Best Gifts For The Wellness-Obsessed Person In Your Life

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The holiday season can be stressful, making it an especially important time for self-care. Whether you're giving the gift of chill to a loved one or yourself (no judgement here!), these wellness gifts are the perfect reminder to focus on your physical and mental health. From tech-supported meditation (it's not as counterintuitive as it might seem) to bath salts that come with a downloadable sound bath and the hands-down the coziest sweats on the planet, all of these gifts promote well-being in one way or another.

1 Naturopathica Chill Out Set ($115;

This trio of minis is a perfect intro to the world of CBD. It's got portable versions of the brand's first CBD products– a topical balm that works to soothe skin and a tiny tincture to soothe anxiety. Finally, it also has the brand's Chill Aromatic Alchemy, which is especially nice when used to aid a breathing exercise. We like to place a few drops on our hands, rub them together and slowly take three deep breaths (trust us).

2 WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea ($69;

This extremely chic (purple metallic!) container of lemon-mango sleep tea makes a lovely stocking stuffer or white elephant gift. Stress-reducing and sleep-inducing botanicals like valerian root, skullcap, hops, and lemon balm help you relax before you snooze.

3 Muse 2 ($250;

Busy brains and restless minds need this revolutionary meditation device (especially if countless meditation apps have failed to do the trick). Using brainwave feedback, it trains you to focus on your breath. How? When your mind is calm you hear peaceful, good-weather sounds like chirping birds. Distracted? Stormy weather reminds you to get back to your breath.

4 Bearaby Velvet Napper ($259;

Rendered in a luxe, wintry velvet this blanket has to be the best-looking way to reap the benefits of weighted blankets, which not only can help alleviate anxiety but are also just peak cozy!

5 Lord Jones Limited Edition Holiday Gumdrops ($50;

CBD is all the rage, these gourmand gummies make for a cool gift this season. Choose between chili mango and sugarplum and let the 20 mg of CBD keep everyone chill even when the holiday season gets stressful.

6 Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie ($85;

Outdoor Voices is all about 'doing things,' but in this *extremely* cozy hoodie in the brand's true-to-its-name Cloudknit hoodie, we highly recommend doing nothing.

7 Hellen Bath Brew Center Your Heart 10 oz ($65;

These intentionally designed bath 'brews' give you more than your bag of Epsom salt. They're infused with reiki energy, come with crystals, and best of all, include a link to a corresponding sound bath. Center Your Heart, a blend of therapeutic-grade salts, lavender, and rose petals, is all about connecting to your heart chakra and indulging in a moment of self-love.

8 Vitruvi Blush Stone Diffuser ($119;

Using aromatherapy can be a powerful tool and a reminder to take a second to breathe this season. No matter what you choose, this Vitruvi diffuser is so chic, it's like wellness and home decor had a baby to make the perfect present.

9 Allswell Creative The Deck + Notebook Bundle ($42;

“Journaling regularly strengthens your T-lymphocytes, literally boosting your immune system.” That's a fun fact we learned Laura Rubin, the founder of Allswell Creative. The notebook is half lined pages for writing and half blank ones for doodling and the newly-released deck contains prompts for journaling novices. Rubin recommends a method called 4 x 4 x 4. Aim to journal for four minutes a day, four days a week, for four weeks—and reap the rewards of this analog practice.

10 Casper Glow Lights ($229/set of 2;

Give these smart lights to the sleepless person in your life. They mimic the sun setting at night (and rising in the morning) to help signal to our systems that it's time to go to bed (or wake up)! Plus, they can be controlled by an app on your phone.

11 WTHN Ear Seed Kit ($45;

Ear seeds are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which parts of the ear are connected to other parts of the body, so you can target common issues like stress and indigestion. Cool-acupuncture-spot WTHN took them and made them look like earrings. Wellness has never looked so good.

12 Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack ($85;

Whether you're hiking or just walking around the block, keep your essentials (your CBD tincture and adaptogens, or just your MetroCard) safe on-the-go in this super chic, water-resistant, neoprene fanny pack.

13 Sana Jardin Revolution De La Fleur ($65;

A candle is a fundamental of any cozy day at home (they go particularly well with books and cups of tea). This one, newly launched, from Sana Jardin, not only smells amazing (it blends ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, frangipani, vanilla, and sandalwood) but also helps women. The brand empowers women around the world by employing indigenous Moroccan women who harvest the sustainable ingredients used in each luxurious scent. Now, that's a gift you can feel good giving.

14 Lather Wellness Retreat Gift Set ($81;

Think of this high-value gift set as a self-care starter pack and gift it to someone in need of some PTO. The kit includes everything from a candle to an eye pillow to a muscle-relaxation gel, muscle-relaxation bath salts, and more. It's basically an at-home spa day in a box.

15 Alala Customized Tights ($185;

What's better than some of the big world of athleisure's very best leggings? Those leggings but with your initials on them, in a combination of colors chosen by you. Motivational, tbh.

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