This Woman Lost 133 Pounds After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Who Cheated

weight loss transformation

Talk about a “Revenge Body.” When 31-year-old Kristen McLaughlin ended a five-year relationship with her cheating boyfriend, she decided to take control of her life with a drastic weight loss transformation.

“I wasn’t mindful at all about what I was eating,” the New York City-based software specialist says of her past relationship. “If I wanted to eat something, I didn’t really think twice about it. And when I got into my relationship, he was a larger guy, and I was eating whatever he’s eating — which does not make logical sense.”

It's pretty common for people to gain weight when they get comfortable in a relationship, but McLaughlin felt her eating was getting out of control. She shared her story with People for the “How I Lost 100 Lbs.!” 2019 feature, revealing her incredible transformation and whopping 133 pound weight loss.

At 270 pounds, McLaughlin felt self-conscious about her body finally joined Jenny Craig in 2016. She managed to lose around 60 pounds, but eventually slid back into her old habits.

But learning that her boyfriend had been cheating on her was all the motivation she needed to make a change for good. “At that point I’m like, 'This is cheating, this is dumb, I can’t do this anymore,' and I said I was leaving,” McLaughlin recalled.

She saw the opportunity for a fresh start, returned to Jenny Craig, and set a goal of losing 100 pounds in one year. McLaughlin stuck to her plan, preparing her own healthy meals every day and then incorporating weight training into her routine.

By February of 2018 McLaughlin had reached her goal of 100 pounds lost, and now, her total weight loss is 133 pounds. Not only is that a staggering number, but it's also half the size that she was at the start of her journey.

“I think I’m more myself now, funnily enough, than I ever was the previous 30 years,” she said of her weight loss transformation. “I say yes to things now, I’m more outgoing, I’m more likely to be social. I think weight loss isn’t just physical or mental — it’s a whole spectrum of your life.”

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