This Massage Promises To Cure Jet Lag After A Long Flight

jet lag cure

Another stamp on your passport often comes with the buzzkill of being bleary-eyed, groggy, and moody in the days following. Sure, you could fight tooth and nail to keep your eyes open or pound coffee like a fiend…or, you could get a massage to cure jet lag. One of the latest solutions for jet lag, it is said to alleviate the annoying side effects, so you can enjoy your travels or get back to work upon return.

Recent studies have shown that the condition results from an imbalance in our body's circadian rhythms caused by traveling to different time zones. A good rub down can help reset your body’s internal clock, not to mention improve circulation and relieve achy muscles after a long flight. The Willow Stream Spa at the (very luxurious and totally gorgeous) Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya, Mexico, offers a Deep Sleep Massage that promises to do just that. So, of course, we decided to investigate further — tough job, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

“The treatment regulates sleep difficulties by focusing on those specific points of tension crated in the body after a long trip,” explains Aristides Carillo, Spa Director at the Willow Stream Spa. “The entire experience is created to normalize sleep and relieve tension in the back and neck.” Also unique: An emphasis on lymphatic drainage to help flush toxins out of the body (hello, in-flight wine) and boost overall energy. A special blend of essential oils — lavender, peppermint — helps aid in the process, too. The end result is a unique spa treatment that not only helps combat jet lag, but is also ideal for anyone in search of a good night’s sleep (insert hand raising emoji here).

jet lag cure


All sounds great on paper, but what about in real life? Don’t worry, it’s just as good. A few key elements separate it from a traditional massage; when you’re on your back, both your upper body and legs are slightly elevated, a position which helps promote lymphatic drainage. There’s also a definite emphasis on all the spots that get achy and tight after a long flight — legs, feet, back, neck, and shoulders. And that essential oil blend? The perfect balance between relaxing and invigorating.

I went into the massage feeling super drained and exhausted after a long day of travel, thanks to flight delays, and coming off several days of barely sleeping or sleeping poorly. As a general rule, I typically find it hard to chill out during massages (don’t ask), but not this one. It was so relaxing and soothing that I almost fell asleep, yet despite that, I still left feeling totally energized and wide awake when it was over. I slept like a baby that night, too — the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten in a long time. Coincidence? I think not.