One Company Is Advertising Its Plus-Size Tights On Thin Models

While many brands are working to be more inclusive of size, the fashion industry has a long way to go. Companies like Victoria’s Secret, Zara, and Fashion Nova, as well as most high fashion designers, are being criticized for their lack of body diversity. Yet in the face of such criticism, one clothing company still managed to make a terrible marketing move. The online retailer Wish, which is based in China, is advertising its plus-size tights in the worst possible way: on slim models.

The tights, which are advertised as “plus-size ultra-elastic tights,” are meant for fuller figures, but the images used to promote the product show thin models stretching the tights over their entire bodies. In one image, a model is shown stretching the tights from her waistline, and in another, a model is shown with both of her legs in one leg of the stockings. One image even shows a model pulling the tights up over her shoulders.

The controversial images are frustrating for many reasons, but the blatant display of body shaming leaves one to wonder how the company’s executives thought such advertising would appeal to consumers looking to buy its product. According to The Daily Mail, the images were originally shot to show that the tights are anti-tear, but have recirculated now to demonstrate size. Shoppers are not pleased.

As reported by Business Insider, the plus-size category has grown 17 percent in the last three years. It’s about time that retailers take this into consideration instead of reinforcing the culturally thin ideals.

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