How To Laminate Your Brows At Home

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With feathery, sleeked-back brows becoming one of the defining looks of the younger generations, more and more people are paying big money to have their brows snatched. Brow lamination, or the process of chemically treating your brows to produce a fuller, more defined arch, is averaged to cost around 83 dollars in the U.S. (via PMUHub). The simple, non-invasive procedure requires the help of a cosmetic professional who will apply a semi-permanent chemical on the brows, smoothing them upward into a gleaming laminated appearance. The process takes less than an hour and can last up to six weeks if done correctly. But, like all salon chemical treatments, people have found that they can put on gloves and replicate the process at home for much cheaper.

Unlike other beauty brow procedures that are fully permanent, like microblading and makeup tattooing, brow lamination offers the relief that any adjustments made are not forever. With a simple click on Amazon and a steady hand, your perfect brow lamination could happen overnight.

Find the perfect brow kit

By choosing to play cosmetologist and laminating your brows yourself, you could save around $50. However, you're also risking damaging your brow hairs since you are working with chemical products that should be taken seriously. Failure to follow directions could cause no results or some very extreme treated brows. Luckily, the number of safe brow kits on the market is growing, and they're fairly safe to use.

For example, the top-rated Miya Lash's Brown Lamination Kit has received top reviews for its keratin and collagen-packed formula and is priced at just $29.99. Rank & Style scores it as its number two kit for its proven lifting and laminating. Meanwhile, another top choice for internet reviewers is the Elevating Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Kit, which is priced at $42.99. Not only can you use this kit to laminate your brows but you can also perm and curl your eyelashes. One reviewer said she loved the product so much that she's considering using it on her clientele as she's a licensed esthetician and the outcome far exceeded her expectations (via Rank & Style). However, choosing a kit is only the beginning.

Maintaining the brows is crucial

If you've done any sort of at-home chemical treatments or applied a box of hair dye, you can laminate your brows. But, again, following directions is crucial and will be specific to whatever brand you choose, so read the directions carefully — and more than once — before starting. You should know, too, that the entire process takes less than 15 minutes, though it can take less than five if you have thin brows. This quick and painless perm will leave you with sleek shiny brows akin to Bella Hadid.

The key is to maintain and pamper them so they can endure for over weeks after. Brow experts at HD Brows recommend waiting 24 hours before jumping in the shower or getting the area wet, as heat and humidity can undo your hard work. This is similar to the eyelash extension process, which requires a full day for the hairs to seal before confronting moisture. Experts also recommend investing in a brow glue or spoolie so you can continuously groom them into place every day. No, the lamination will not disappear, but keeping them combed nicely in place will only enhance their beauty. Ultimately, feathery supermodel brows no longer require a visit to the salon. Anyone can achieve this at-home lift in minutes.