Reviews Policy

How Glam Approaches Reviews

Glam's goal is to uplift the best version of yourself, ensuring you feel confident when shopping for your beauty products. That sentiment is at the core of our Reviews process, prioritizing honesty, comprehensiveness, and accuracy so you know whether the latest buy is worth it.

In a saturated beauty market, we only review trusted companies. Rather than focusing on the biggest legacy brands, we look for retailers that value transparency and safety above all else.

From there, we thoroughly review every product's pros and cons, including but not limited to the categories of effectiveness, quality, and price point.

Glam Review Methodology

Glam reviews follow a multi-step process with the end goal of providing consumers a definitive product recommendation based on key quality indicators.

  • We start our review process by evaluating individual products against a larger sample size, with the goal of identifying the most popular, reliable, and trustworthy products on the market.
  • We further narrow our selections based on metrics including price, overall quality, standout features, and reliability.
  • After selecting our product to highlight, we conduct an honest assessment based on an actual, real world trial of the product by a member of our expert editorial team.
  • We deliver clear consumer recommendations, including alternative products at differing price points and regional availability, so as to create the most inclusive review experience as possible.

Glam aims for a comprehensive approach to reviews, but we also recognize the subjective nature of such analysis. The personal preferences of Glam reviewers are inevitably baked into each product review, which means you should also place them within your own experiences and preferences.

The overall goal of any Glam review is to achieve balance between our expert analysis and personal opinion — and to hopefully provide readers with an enjoyable reading experience along the way.

Embargoes and Review Samples

We respect all embargoes that are set by manufacturers when receiving early access to products.

To submit products for review, please email us at .

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