Clever Ways To Bring Something New To Your Wedding Day Style

Plenty of women consider their wedding day to be something they dreamed about since they were little girls. Making sure you enjoy your wedding day by creating unforgettable memories is one of the most important things, well, ever. No bride or groom wants to experience a wedding day that doesn't meet all of their expectations. To that end, bringing something new to your wedding day style is possible with a few different and clever options. There's no reason to feel trapped in a box by following old-school wedding traditions that no longer seem interesting or magical. notes several outdated wedding traditions that brides should abandon, including smashing the wedding cake into the bride's face. Although some might consider this the perfect moment for silly photos, it sort of ends up being a waste of money in terms of smeared makeup and messed-up hair, not to mention wasted cake. Wellington Weddings says it's time to forget about bachelor and bachelorette parties, too. Bachelor and bachelorette parties cost a lot of money, occasionally lead to dramatic scandals, and have generally been deemed unnecessary. Whether you agree with the notion of moving past old-fashioned wedding traditions or not, there are plenty of ways you can switch up the style of your own personal wedding day. It's up to you to make your big day as special as possible, after all.

Search for wedding needs on Etsy

One of the smartest ways you can switch up your wedding style is by searching for your potential wedding needs on Etsy. The reason Etsy is so popular now is that people can handcraft creative and artistic items to be sold online and in person. Often, shoppers will find items for sale on Etsy that they wouldn't be able to find in mainstream stores such as Target, Walmart, or Nordstrom. Furthermore, another positive factor about Etsy's shopping model is that a lot of the items are designed to be affordable. For instance, one Etsy seller named Weddings Decor Studio has wooden rustic wedding decor for sale. Shoppers can choose the size of wood or foam boards, as well as the easel used, before purchasing. Although you can purchase wedding decor from mainstream stores, knowing that these pieces of decor are handmade makes them feel a little more special.

Artisan Shopper explains that one of the benefits you'll notice from purchasing wedding decor on Etsy is that you have the ability to buy items from independent artists who can create customized and personalized details for you. On top of that, Etsy as a platform opens the doorway of dialogue between the customer and the merchant. You can directly speak to the person who's crafting your desired items. When you shop from a mainstream department store, you don't have access to the artists who created particular items. With Etsy, you can start a message thread with any of the sellers on the platform before and after your purchase. Thanks to this feature, you can clear up any questions that might pop up leading up to your wedding day, including the maintenance for your items so that they last forever.

Thrifting for wedding needs

When it comes to wedding day shopping, focusing on mainstream stores will help you find the most basic and obvious items on your checklist. Thrifting for some of your wedding needs, on the other hand, might just open your eyes to the possibility of items you wouldn't have previously thought about. Since thrift stores are filled with vintage pieces of clothing and shoes, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you'll come across. One man's trash is another man's treasure, after all.

Cincinnati Goodwill says that one of the benefits of thrift shopping is that you'll be able to curate a one-of-a-kind wardrobe. If you can curate a one-of-a-kind wedding day look, there's no possible way that you'll be able to forget the magic of your big day. Life Hack adds that thrift shopping may potentially lead to the discovery of designer products at fraction of the price. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on designer pieces from mainstream stores, you can find them for less than $10 at thrift stores by simply digging through the racks and keeping your eyes open. Thrift shopping is undoubtedly another version of a modern-day treasure hunt. There is so much to discover when you put yourself out there to look with an open mind.

Thrift stores don't need to be deemed a place to shop for people who don't have tons of money to spare. Thrift stores are gold mines for anyone in any tax bracket since they're filled with treasure troves of intriguing items. You can find pieces that will suit your wedding style that were sewn together or designed in the '40s or '70s, for example, as thrift shops are generally filled with items that span back many decades.

Hire a fashion consultant

Unless you're a movie star or social media influencer, it's probably not necessary to have a fashion consultant around to help you with your look on a daily basis. There are exceptions when it comes to the necessity of a fashion consultant for regular, everyday individuals, though. On your wedding day, hiring a fashion consultant could be one of the most brilliant options for any bride. Those who want to bring something new to their wedding day style might consider enlisting help from a professional fashion consultant to switch things up in a positive and trendy way. Wall Street Stylist explains that fashion consultants exist to help you create the image of what you want to present to the world, which is what weddings are all about. 

On your wedding day, a fashion consultant can help you look like a total princess if that's what you're going for. If you're going for a more low-key and casual look, a fashion consultant can help with that, too. Sterling Style Academy explains that fashion consultants provide solid advice about what to wear and when to wear it. Since fashion consultants know what it takes to coordinate the perfect look, they certainly come in handy on the one day that's supposed to be completely perfect and magical. Too many people are nervous about coming across in a way that makes them seem "high maintenance." The truth of the matter is that it's totally fine to be a little more high maintenance than usual on your wedding day. Fashion consultants provide a service that simply makes sense on a day that carries so much significance.

Use the Pickster app to narrow down options

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed with the prospect of wedding planning? Making decisions about which direction to turn with certain wedding details can feel like a total drag. Should you be wearing lacy flats or silver heels? Should you wear a sparkling tiara down the aisle or a full veil? Should you ditch the traditional garter or stick with the classic undergarment under your dress? There are just so many questions you might be asking yourself as a bride. You can always ask for advice from the people closest to you. You can also start drawing up pros vs. cons lists for some clarity, or you could download an app called Pickster.

The purpose of this app is to help make tough choices for you. All you have to do is input your possible options and let Pickster do the rest. This is a simple way to switch up your wedding style without having to exert too much energy. Study Finds explains that narrowing your choices down to two will help you easily come to a conclusion. If you are hung up on four different shoe styles, narrow those styles down to two, and then input those options into Pickster. If you're struggling with deciding between six different hair accessories, narrow those down to two as well. From there, Pickster will become your best friend by randomly selecting your final result. Give yourself a break from using so much brain power on wedding day decisions.

Borrow something from a close loved one

Although the famous saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" has been floating around for decades, brides don't necessarily have to subscribe to that old belief. Those who do choose to stick with it have probably figured out how easy the first half is and how tricky the second half can be. Something borrowed is generally a little easier to find compared to something blue. 

Snagging something borrowed can become one of the loveliest ways you might switch up your wedding style for the big day. Borrowing something from a loved one you are already incredibly close with can make your bond even tighter than it was before. Borrowing something from your mother, sister, or best friend is bound to bring about some sentimental tears and hugs. And what is a wedding day if not a celebration of community and family?

Brides reveals that the borrowed item doesn't have to be something you hold in your hand or wear on your wedding day though. You can switch up your wedding day style by borrowing an old family recipe or the first dance song from someone else's magical day. Hitched suggests borrowing cocktail recipes, cake toppers, or teacups from your loved one. The options become limitless when you realize you don't actually have to wear or hold the borrowed item.

Borrow something from a distant acquaintance

Are you still trying to create a closer bond with your soon-to-be sister-in-law? Do you have a cousin coming to your wedding who hasn't been the easiest person to talk to over the years? Sometimes, the best way to create a connection between yourself and a distant acquaintance is by giving them an important task on your wedding day. Of course, you can borrow something sweet from a close loved one like your sister, mother, or best friend, but this could also become a heartfelt opportunity if used properly. The Knot explains that brides receiving something borrowed on their wedding day was originally meant to bring good fortune to newlyweds. 

If borrowing something really does add a little more luck to your marriage, this might not be something you want to skip. Brides says you can ask for the borrowed item to be a surprise rather than honing in on something specific. If you choose to ask for a surprise from a distant acquaintance, you're giving them freedom and leeway to show up for you in a sentimental way. This tip not only automatically helps you switch up your wedding day style, but it also opens the door between you and a distant acquaintance to become friendlier with one another.

DIY TikTok decorations

Now that TikTok is such an incredibly popular video-sharing app to use, it's another avenue to depend on for DIY wedding craft ideas. It's simple enough to switch up the style of your wedding day by filling your reception and ceremony with DIY projects, rather than having every single thing store-bought. If you don't want to break the bank spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on take-away gifts for your guests, there are tons of DIY TikTok ideas you can go for instead. This way, your wedding guests won't leave empty-handed, and you can save a bunch of money in the process. 

TikToker @DevnTell shared a video breaking down how they created a beautiful wedding centerpiece at home for their sister's engagement party. They used emptied out cottage cheese containers, super glue, ribbon, glass bulbs, flowers, and a few other items to put together the unforgettable centerpieces. According to Country Living, getting ideas for DIY projects that are suitable for your wedding day is more common than you might think. Along with take-away gifts for your guests and centerpieces, you can also create vintage family photo displays, date jars, and solar-powered lamps at home using simple DIY TikTok tutorials.

Use a wedding dress diagram

If you've never heard of wedding dress diagrams, you're not alone. Wedding dress diagrams are a fairly new phenomenon that brides have been using in recent years. BuzzFeed notes that wedding dress diagrams actually simplify your shopping process by making it easier to narrow down which dress you want to buy. Wedding dress diagrams will help you consider factors such as your budget as well as the dress' silhouette, neckline, fabric, size, color, train, sleeves, bodice, veil, headpiece, and more.

Bridal Guide explains that wedding dress diagrams can come in handy by helping you find the perfect dress for your magical day. Once you know the silhouette that you want, you can easily move on from there. As long as you know where to start, finding the ideal wedding gown for your big day doesn't feel like such a challenge. Anyone who is interested in switching up their wedding day style will likely find wedding dress diagrams helpful as they break down the most important details. If you thought you wanted a mermaid dress for the last few months, a wedding dress diagram might open your eyes to switch up the style entirely. Is it possible you want a teacup dress or ballgown dress instead? A wedding dress diagram will help you figure that out.

Follow the three shoes rule

Many brides might not know about the three-shoes rule that they should be following on their big day. Following this rule most certainly means that you'll be switching up your wedding day style throughout the day. All brides should have a comfy pair of shoes such as slippers while they're getting ready. David's Bridal has an assortment of slippers for brides to wear that come in different sizes with different designs. When a bride is getting her makeup and hair done, she can lounge and relax in a pair of fluffy slippers that don't put any pressure on her feet. 

When it's actually time for her to walk down the aisle to meet with her groom or bride, she should be wearing the wedding day shoes of her choice. Whether those shoes are heels, wedges, or fancy flats, the shoes for the ceremony are her second pair of the day. Lastly, brides should have a pair of white sneakers for the end of the night when they're ready to hit the dance floor. Dancing in tall shoes like heels can be uncomfortable and painful. This is why sneakers are such a smart choice at the end of your wedding day. Rocky Mountain Bride says that your sneakers for the dance floor are a must whether they are faux leather, covered in iridescent rhinestones, or special with a splash of color.

Walk down the aisle with crepe paper flowers instead of real ones

If you want to be able to keep your wedding bouquet forever without fear of the flowers eventually dying off, you might want to consider walking down the aisle with crepe flowers. This is an interesting way to switch up your wedding day style since most brides automatically choose to go with bouquets that are made of living flowers. Crepe flowers are made of paper, yet can still somehow look just as beautiful as real flowers. says that making blossoms out of paper can be both fun and imaginative. Mimicking the elements of real flowers is totally doable if you have the right supplies. 

The process of creating crepe flowers using the single pedal method to create tulips lilies roses, and peonies isn't too difficult at all. Sola Wood Flowers suggests using artificial flowers on your wedding day when you take things such as inflation and supply chain issues into account. The pricing of fresh flowers for your wedding day might feel unattainable and out of reach, but relying on crepe flowers will solve all of these issues while bringing something new to your wedding day style.