Here's Why You May Want To Blow Cinnamon At Your Front Door

If you've come across #spiritualtok while scrolling Tiktok and other social media, you may have seen some interesting rituals that promise money, abundance, and more. As tempting as it might be to shrug off these digital trends, many of these spiritual practices have been used for decades and are just being picked up by new generations. With an impressive 2.5 million hashtags on Tiktok, more people are learning about the mysterious ritual of blowing cinnamon on your front door.  

Before you knock the trend, know that herbalism has been practiced for hundreds of thousands of years in ancient Egypt, African shamanism, indigenous cultures, and more (via The Herbal Academy). Only until recently has modern skepticism developed around the esoteric world of plant medicine and herbal magic. We are, however, in a sort of spiritual renaissance, where ancient practices are resurfacing and quickly creating a lane for themselves within the digital landscape. Cinnamon, specifically, has been an especially prized spice for centuries. It's recorded as an anointing "holy oil" in the Bible and was also used by Romans at funerals to fend off the smell of dead bodies (via M.S Ramaiah Medical College). What used to be a highly treasured and costly spice can now be found in your kitchen cabinet and might bring you some good luck.

Cinnamon represents abundance, money, wealth, and new beginnings

According to Spiritual advisor and tarot reader Meghan Rose at Well+Good, cinnamon was deemed a high-vibrational healing spice in ancient cultures and is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to whoever uses it intentionally. It has an incredibly stimulating and potent aroma; by burning it, mystics believe it also has the power to burn through abundance-blocking energies (via We Mystic). Like burning sage or palo santo to clear negative energies in the home, you can also burn a stick of cinnamon to bring in money, new beginnings, opportunities, and wealth. If you're actively working on manifestation, its sweet aroma draws in positivity, well-being, vitality, and potency to your ritual.

It's also incredibly powerful in a dry powdered form and carries a high-frequency perfect for lifting the energy of a space. By using it in the home, you can actively add magical intentions to your living space. It's this sort of spiritual hygiene that mystics believe can help bring more abundance to your life.

How to perform the ritual

According to Meghan Rose (via Well+Good), doors represent portals in occultism. Their entry and exit points are special areas of magic when used intentionally. Since cinnamon represents new beginnings, performing this ritual on the first of the month is recommended to set the tone for the next thirty days. The key is to pour as much intention into the ritual as possible. According to Emmy award-winning writer and life coach Paul Wagner, your brain and heart create electromagnetic energy vibrations that directly influence your reality. When it comes to intention rituals, you want to pour as much vibrational energy into them as possible to heighten their vigor.

If you have cinnamon sticks, you can grind them down with a mortar and pestle while saying affirmations like "I am creating a life with infinite abundance and love." Once you have your ground herb, stand before the doorway and center yourself with some slow inhalations. Many people like to connect with their ancestors here as well. Think of it as a sacred moment of mindfulness. Next comes the fun part. Place the cinnamon in your hand and say aloud another intention that seals the prosperity vibes. This ultimately charges the cinnamon, door, and entire ritual with high vibrations. You can say, "I now charge my home with endless prosperity and allow abundance to flow to me now." Then, like you would a birthday candle, give it an inspired wishful blow. Manifestations take time. So don't muddle your wishes by worrying about them days later. Know that the universe is bringing you everything you wished for and more.