Tips That Will Help Even The Clumsiest Person Master The Art Of Walking In Heels

Have you ever dreamed of walking down the streets of New York City à la Carrie Bradshaw in her three inches heels? You know, with that elegant and smooth supermodel-like walk? If you have ever stood in front of a store window, drooled over a pair of high heels but had no idea how to walk in them without looking like a robot, we've got your back! 


The real reasons women wear high heels vary greatly. High heels are often synonymous with elegance. For some people, they are the symbol of empowerment and confidence. For others, they symbolize femininity, class, and charm. Above all, wearing heels is a way to express one's style. But the popular fashion accessory does require a little practice beforehand. 

Walking in high heels can be a little tricky for those who aren't used to them, but have no fear, with a little determination and practice, you'll have as much grace and style in them as a worldwide-known supermodel does. All you need to know are a few simple tips to master the art of walking in heels, on any surface, and in any type of weather.


Choose heels suited for you

The first step to take when you have decided to start wearing high heels is to choose the right pair for you. Indeed, there are dozens of types of heels, from stilettos to kitten heels and platforms. And they are all very different to wear.


As a beginner, it's best to start with a small heel with a height of no more than one or two inches. To measure the heel's size, according to Clarks, start from the tip of the heel and measure to the part where it connects to the shoe. It is also important to note that the more closed a shoe's toe box is, the easier it will be to walk in it, as the foot will be well supported. As for the thickness of the heel, the thinner and higher it is, the more practice it will require to walk well in. This is because, the higher your heel, the more your toes have to carry the weight of your body (via Interior.).

You should always make sure your heels fit well and support your foot well to provide stability. According to podiatrist Dr. Marcus Yetter, of the Ankle & Foot Clinic of Orange County, poor-fitting shoes "can also put you at risk of foot and ankle injuries." When buying new shoes, try walking in them for a few minutes, preferably in the afternoon because feet tend to swell during the course of the day (via Harvard Health Publishing).


Take shorter strides to maintain control

While it might look cooler to take large steps when walking in heels, shortening your stride will give you more control (via Shoe Tease). Because, as you can imagine, there's nothing cool about falling flat on your face. The good trick is to take smaller steps and think about walking to a beat, which will give you a natural rhythm to your gait that exudes confidence. Doesn't it feel great walking like a supermodel?!


When tackling stairs, make sure both the ball of your foot and the heel land together firmly and simultaneously on each step, no matter if you're going up or down, according to Glamorous Heels. When walking downstairs, you can even lean slightly backward to help keep your balance.

Walking on heels is an art, and knowing how to keep your balance takes practice. Once you become more comfortable in your shoes, it will completely change the way you walk in the streets.

Having good posture matters

You probably know that we do not walk in high heels in the same way that we do in a pair of sneakers. Maintaining a good posture is one of the fundamental elements that will allow you to walk well in heels.


Perfect posture is easy to achieve, according to Scoop Empire. First, you need to imagine a thread that pulls your head up and in alignment with the spine. It may help to imagine holding your head high as if you want it to be in the clouds. Next, pull your shoulders back and relax them. Even though the body has a natural tendency to lean forward, stand up straight, and keep your arms at your sides. Finally, your knees should be slightly bent, but not locked, when you walk. In order to look like a real pro, cross your legs and rub your thighs together. 

Good posture greatly benefits the way you walk in heels because it gives you confidence and helps you avoid pain (via Fault). Practicing will help you get better and better each day.


Look straight forward

When you walk in heels do you tend to look at your feet to avoid tripping? Even doing so can still cause you to lose your balance. And that's not very glamorous. In order to avoid staring at your feet, raise your head and look straight ahead with your chin parallel to the ground (via The Fashion Spot). This will not only give you more balance but will also give you a more confident walk. It may help to imagine you are a model on a catwalk looking straight ahead by focusing on one point on the horizon. 


Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the risk of falling or slipping while wearing heels is inherently greater than it is while wearing flats or sneakers. You must be alert so that you don't hurt yourself, according to Glamorous Heels. Even while looking forward, you should still be aware of any potential obstacles that are in your way: manhole covers, holes, subway grates, etc. Avoid them at all costs.

Break in your new pair

You've just purchased a beautiful pair of red stilettos that will be the perfect finishing to your look. While you may look forward to wearing them right away, it's better to break them in before walking in the streets. Because while your new shoes might fit you perfectly indoors, they may cause you some trouble the first few times you wear them for extended periods of time. According to Shoe Tease, relaxing your shoes and giving them time to adapt to the shape of your feet, can help keep them from hurting you too much during the day. 


Some options for breaking in your shoes include: wearing them at home while doing normal tasks, such as laundry or while cooking (via Shoe Tease). Preferably, wear them with socks to stretch the material out easier. Try walking on different surfaces such as carpet, tile, and wood floors. This will not only break them in, but also allow you to practice your walk and keep your balance. When you aren't wearing your shoes, you can even stuff them with newspaper or socks to help them keep their shape.

Practice at home

You want to hit the streets in your new pair of high heels, but there's no point in running if you don't yet know how to walk in them. A wise man once said that "practice makes perfect." So, put on your heels and practice walking in them at home for short distances so you can start getting used to your new life as a wearer of high heels (via Wildfire). 


"Prior to wearing heels, walking around your home on the balls of your feet helps to strengthen your legs and ankles," model scout Karen Lee Gybrowski told Today. Your home is the perfect place to start practicing; you can take as much time as you need and you won't be seen by anyone. 

Start at home, on various surfaces, if possible, and trust yourself and the process. The more you practice, the more your ankles and muscles will get used to this new change and the faster you become an expert in walking in heels. Then you can graduate to wearing your shoes out to run short errands. And if you're really brave, you can even wear them to walk your dog!

Position your feet correctly

According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle, a person takes about 10,000 steps per day. This is a significant amount when we know that we put two to three times our weight on our feet with each step we take. It is therefore important to take care of our feet and position them properly to avoid sprains, strains, and pain.


Walking in heels is different from walking in flats. When you wear flats, most of the foot touches the ground at the same time. However, when wearing heels, you need to place the sole of your foot on the ground before putting the toes down (via Scoop Empire). Then continue forward as if you were going to walk on your toes and carry on with another step. Some people tend to put the entire shoe on the ground at once, which makes your walk look unnatural and robotic. The rocking heel/toe cadence can save you from damaging your feet and will give you a more natural look.

Shift your weight when walking on grass

Grass is a real enemy of high heels! However, it is definitely possible to learn how to walk on grass. Again, you just need to master your balance and walk with confidence.

The trick to walking on grass quickly is to only walk on the soles of your feet. To do this, put all your weight on your toes and walk on them as if you had no shoes on. "When walking on a surface such as grass, it is important to engage your calf muscles by elevating yourself even higher in your stilettos, which will elevate your high heel slightly above the grass and thus stop the heel from sinking," Chyna Whyne, founder of the Walking in Stilettos instructional program, told Today.


If you're going to a wedding or another outdoor event and will have to stay on the grass for a while, it may be a good idea to purchase heel caps. These small, discreet tips can be put on your heels so that they don't sink into the ground. They are lifesavers and will protect your shoes from sinking into soft grass and soil (via Heels Love Club).

Be prepared for bumps and blisters

The fear of sore feet or of getting blisters while wearing heels is real. The best thing you can do is to be prepared. When you leave home, carry everything you may need to take care of your feet in your purse, such as bandaids or moleskin pads. Pro tip: you can also get cushions or insoles to put inside your shoes to reduce pain when you want to wear them for an entire day (via Hello Magazine). Having this safety kit with you can give you peace of mind when you go out. 


When you first start wearing heels, don't forget to take along a spare pair of sneakers or flats in case your feet start to be terribly painful. And if you come to realize that your shoes are just too tall to be comfortable, "a good cobbler can shave off an inch, which can make a huge difference," according to lifestyle expert Kéla Walker (via Good Morning America).

Give your feet some TLC

If heels are your go-to shoe, you'll need to take extra care of your feet so you can continue wearing high heels for the rest of your life. Some simple stretches can help, as can checking your feet for changes often, especially after you wear heels (via NHS Inform).


When wearing heels for long periods of time, try to sit down as much as possible to give your feet breaks. But don't remove your shoes during these down times, as your feet will probably have swollen, which will make it harder for you to put your shoes back on (via Mister Minit). 

If you notice redness or blisters, take care of them immediately. Wash your feet, disinfect any sores, and try not to wear heels for a few days to avoid making the situation worse (via Dr. Scholl's). Keeping your feet healthy is an important key to mastering the art of walking in heels. With healthy feet, you'll be confident in your walk and can enjoy the different looks heel can bring to your outfits.