October's Solar Eclipse Is Asking You To Make A Big Change In Your Life

One of the most active and highly anticipated months of the year is here, and with it comes more dramatic major shifts in the astrological climate. Over the next few weeks, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto will station direct, Mars will start its retrograde backspin in Gemini, Jupiter will make a brief detour when it re-enters Pisces, and a solar eclipse at the end of the month will shake things up one last time (via Women's Health). And among the many transits that astrologers say you should keep an eye on this month, the solar eclipse in Scorpio might pack the biggest punch of them all.

Libra may be the sign of the scales but this month's horoscope tells a tale of relationship drama, major breakthroughs, and dramatic endings. As intuitive astrology reader Wisdom & Light explains on Twitter, the eclipse season occurring in the second half of 2022 is bringing some major changes to the collective energy. And while these changes can feel swift, sudden, and powerful, it's important to remember that these transits are the universe's way of pushing you to move forward toward your life path and leave your limiting fears behind. With all of this energy flying around at the same time, October promises to be a transformative and enlightening month.

What do eclipses symbolize in astrology?

Along with being a rare celestial occurrence, eclipses are a powerful catalyst for change on both a personal and collective level. Eclipses occur when the sun and moon align with the lunar nodes (also called the Nodes of Destiny), acting as a point of soul magnetization and enlightenment. "Let us imagine eclipses like spotlights shining on the pathway of your life. These lights are not on all of the time but they switch on, catching you in mid-action. As the spotlight shines, it will illuminate an area of your life that calls for your attention," writes astrologer Bernadette Brady in her book, "Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark." Brady goes on to explain that eclipses can only illuminate the issues at hand and that it's still up to the individual to create their path moving forward.

In astrology, eclipse events are associated with beginnings and endings on both a physical and spiritual level. Eclipses act as cosmic detours or redirects in your soul's personal journey. They tend to align with major life events or personal milestones that mark the next chapter in life. In "Karmic Astrology: The Moon's Nodes And Reincarnation," astrologer Martin Schulman explains that the Nodes of Destiny can reveal the track that your soul is running on and how you are to make the journey of your life. When you can firmly establish the roots of your past, you can begin to feel more secure about walking toward your future.

What to expect from October's solar eclipse

October finishes with a bang as eclipse season kicks off with the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 (via CafeAstrology.com). Because eclipses are notorious for their unpredictable energy, astrologers recommend looking to the zodiac signs these lunations fall in for more context. "The [zodiac] sign that a solar eclipse occurs shows a universal destiny. It is the energy of the collective unconscious that needs to be actively expressed on the Earth at that given point in time for its own balance," explains astrologer Jan Spiller in "Spiritual Astrology: Your Personal Path to Self-Fulfillment."

Because this eclipse season highlights the energy of the Taurus and Scorpio axis, which symbolizes both personal finances and personal values, you can expect some major transformations in your relationship with money, as well as with other people. And if relationship drama weren't already causing you enough headache, this particular new moon will be stirring up old conversations in your relationships thanks to its cosmic connection with Venus — the planet of love and romance — as well as Uranus, the rebellious change-maker. The good news is that not everyone is doomed for breakups and breakdowns during this solar eclipse. However, since nothing is as it seems during eclipse season, it's always best to play it on the safe side and think before you make any big decisions or declarations.

Which signs will be impacted by the October solar eclipse?

Eclipse season affects each of the signs differently, and with it comes another unpredictable two-week period of abrupt and sweeping changes for everyone. And as you might expect, Scorpio and Taurus placements will deal with the biggest changes during this time; however, fellow fixed signs Leo and Aquarius will face their share of challenges as well. People who have their lunar nodes in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio will also feel the direct impact of this solar eclipse. With this placement in your birth chart, Susan Miller of Astrology Zone says you can expect to see some major changes to how you live your life and how you express your wants and desires during this eclipse cycle.

You'll also want to make note of the planets and houses in your chart that fall in Taurus and Scorpio. This will show you the major focus on your life that will be experiencing an overhaul during the October solar eclipse (via The Cut). And one last tip? Take your time and enjoy the ride. Eclipses in fixed signs challenge how you approach life, so be patient with yourself during this transitional period. "We're in eclipse season, don't forget to breathe and take things slow. Be still the answers come to you when you're still," advises astrologer Chirizaan Fisher on Twitter. "Eclipse season tends to make people want to do everything because you're trying to keep busy to avoid facing yourself. You don't need to be doing all that."