Master The Fashionable London Look From Afar With These Tips

Hosting two Fashion Weeks a year, London is a global pillar of style and elegance. Fashion gurus the world over seek outfit inspiration from the English capital, famous for its understated flair. You might think London fashion is limited to the stylishly upscale, embodied by upper-class women sometimes known as "Sloane Rangers" (via Luxury London). Think Lady Diana Spencer in the 1980s.


But you definitely don't have to live in London to rock a Londoner's style, and the truth is there is no one true "London look." London is a huge, diverse city, and each area has its own, nuanced culture and style. As Red Online points out, the clothes worn by the glamorous Sloaneys of King's Road are quite different from the fashion choices of East End hipsters, who favor ripped denim and trainers [sneakers]. But while there's no singular London look, you can make choices to master a general London style.

English language and culture website Natter and Ramble suggests three guidelines to help you capture the essence of the broad London style, whatever you choose to wear. The first is to be individual with your outfits, not losing your personality while you try to look like a Londoner. The second is to be creative, breaking rules and pushing boundaries. And the third is to wear your outfit with confidence, whether fashionistas would approve or not. Apply those golden rules to the following tips and you'll have the London seal of approval.


Wear comfortable walking shoes

First things first: London is a city of walkers. Whether you live in London or want to blend in while you visit, comfortable footwear is key. While high heels might be a staple for events that take place at night, flat shoes that you can walk miles in are part of every Londoner's day-to-day wardrobe (via Grand Royale London).


London-based artist Eve Ackroyd told The Zoe Report that "good trainers" are essential. She wears hers "into the ground walking the dog, or to and from the studio."

Opt for discreet designer brands

You can achieve a Londoner's style on a budget, but designer wear can help to specifically emulate timeless looks — like those of Londoners who frequent the Notting Hill area (via Editorialist). If you are going to wear designer clothes and accessories, opt for understated pieces that are discreet in their lavishness, rather than garments splashing designer symbols and names with the subtlety of a foghorn.


"Notting Hill embodies a classic sensibility," stylist Michelle Bellucci explains to Editorialist. Locals in the area don't dress to impress those looking for designer labels, but rather those who can pick out high-end outfits invisible to the untrained eye.

Rock muted, natural colors

It's well-known that the traditional London style involves muted or natural tones as opposed to bold colors (although there are certainly emerging sub-cultures of fashion within the city that favor more daring looks). Girl Gone London states that darker muted colors, in particular, are popular in autumn and winter. If wearing too many solid neutrals sounds dull, you can capture a more textured look by layering prints — especially stripes, which have a place in most London wardrobes.


Incorporate vintage pieces

To understand the role of vintage pieces in London fashion, you need only look at the endless vintage shops that have popped up all over the city. Hunting out treasures in this sea of vintage clothing offers a chance to be creative and get in touch with your true personality — two of the golden rules of London dressing — while taking part in a favorite British pastime.


If you'd like to do your vintage shopping in London, read up on shops where you can pick up the best pieces to integrate into your London look. As Visit London's best-of list illustrates, there are vintage gems to be found in every corner of the city.

Complete your look with polished nails

London boasts a wild array of looks. So, in reality, the stereotype of Londoners always appearing polished and refined might only be true of Britain's royal family and the posh Sloane Rangers. But there is one place where most Londoners are usually polished: their nails. You can master the fashionable London look by always sporting nails that have either been shellacked or manicured with gel polish (via Fashion Fabrique). The actual colors you wear are up to you, but nice nails, free from chips, are a must.


Happily, living in London is not a prerequisite to having impeccable London style. For a look inspired by the residents of this fashion capital, simply consider these guidelines and let your own creativity, personality, and confidence shine.