Here's When Astrologers Say You Should Book Your Next Astrology Reading

From your favorite celebrities to the apps on your phone, astrology and horoscopes are having a renaissance. In fact, there's a good chance you're already familiar with a few astrology basics like your sun sign, your moon sign, or even your full birth chart. And for the more cosmically inclined, you may be curious to know if there are other astrological tools out there to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. "When you are looking at natal astrology, you're looking at the chart that everyone has, that's a blueprint of their life," astrologer Leslie Hale tells Refinery29. She goes on to add that your personal natal chart is only one branch of a much larger astrological system.

There are dozens of different types of astrology charts that astrologers can create to tell you about the aspects of your life. "We don't like to fear monger," astrologer Kirah Tabourn tells The Skimm. "It's [about] how to deal with it and how to harness this energy in a more positive way." If you're looking to see what the stars have in store for you or you're just curious for a different perspective, there's a lot that astrologers can divine from your stars. And for the most accurate astrological reading, you'll want to time these specialty readings for major events in your life: like birthdays, marriage, and more.

Get a solar return reading to celebrate your birthday

Much like your birth chart, a solar return chart can be used to see what the stars have in store for your career, love life, and more. "You cast a return chart at the moment the sun reaches the exact degree and minute in the sky when you were born," astrologer Julia Michas tells Astrology, adding that a solar return chart is cast for one birthday to the next and gives you a snapshot of what the next year in your life will look like. Astrologers can use a solar return chart to pull out the most prominent themes and energies that you'll experience during that solar year.

First, you'll want to look at your sun sign to find out how your personal energy will evolve over the next year. Because this is a solar return chart, the placement of your sun sign will shine a light on the biggest area of focus for your next trip around the sun (via Shape). Your solar return sun will always be in the same sign as your natal sun, so look at the house it occupies to find which area of life will be your primary focus. Other placements to look at include your ascendant, which signifies the energy with which you'll be initiating new ideas and projects during the year. And finally –– look to the planetary ruler of the ascendant to find which house in your chart will receive a boost during the year.

Get a synastry chart reading when you're in love

They don't call it star–crossed lovers for no reason! There's a lot your birth chart can tell you about your potential with another person and what you need to feel safe in a relationship. As astrologer John Townley writes in his book "Planets in Love," an individual's birth chart is much more than a tool for self–discovery; it can also show you how you act when you are in love. "An accurately drawn birth chart is a measuring device that reveals how much love an individual accepts, how far [an individual] goes in giving up the self in love, and how long it will take for the inner consciousness of love to awaken."

Astrologically, there are a few reasons why certain people have the power to capture your attention and your heart. Synastry readings can be used to define how another person's chart interacts with your own, creating a unique blending of chemistry between the two of you. "A couple's birth chart reading is a very illuminating, fun, and intimate thing to do together. The process can help you better understand each other as individuals, but also put your relationship strengths and challenges into perspective," astrologer Kasandra Martinez tells TZR. A full synastry reading requires looking at both people's birth charts. But if you're looking for a quick and easy way to test romantic compatibility, you can always look to your Moon, Venus, and Mars synastry for a surface-level chemistry check!

Get a Saturn return reading before you turn 30

Everyone wants to be thirty, flirty, and thriving –– but your Saturn return makes that a little trickier than you might hope. Despite being feared by most, this astrological transit is one of the most important hallmarks of adulthood. "Every 27 to 29 years, the planet Saturn returns to the exact degree and sign that it was at the time of your birth," astrologer and author Lisa Stardust tells Coveteur. "Saturn Return means that you're entering what we call your entrance into adulthood because it often happens at the end of your twenties." Your Saturn return transit marks the time in life when many you finally come into bloom and reach full maturity through tough lessons learned (via The Cut).

When it comes to when to expect your Saturn Return and how to prepare, you'll want to look at the sign and house that Saturn sits on in your birth chart. "... Saturn Returns are an opportunity to live with courage, strength, and resilience, and to align with what is truly important to you in life," astrologer Jupiter Jewel shares on Twitter. This will show you the overall influence that your Saturn will have on your life during the entirety of your Saturn return. And if you're interested in finding the most important dates to watch for during your Saturn return, astrologers can use a Saturn return reading to calculate the day(s) Saturn is at the exact degree it was at the time you were born.