What To Know About The Trending Aura Manicure

"I love your energy" is one of the greatest compliments you can receive. These days, vibes speak first, and with positivity and new-age spirituality on the rise, design aesthetics are starting to match high-vibe energy. The aura manicure is one of the biggest nail trends making waves with manicured sets painted to reflect glowing energies and cosmic skies. Actress Megan Fox is a lover of the gradient design, with her nail artist Brittney Boyce recently showing off on Instagram the aura set styled for the celebrity. Nail-obsessed Cardi B also flaunted her aura set on Instagram, featuring a rainbow design with her extra long signature length presumably done by her longtime nail artist Jenny Bui (via Instagram).


Inspired by the power of color energy, the aura manicure feels whimsical, magical, and intuitively ethereal. Seemingly just another beauty trend, those living consciously are choosing to use it to further express their vibrational color scape.

This nail trend is inspired by your auric vibration

According to The Times of India, your aura is the color frequency that surrounds your body as a glow or halo created by your specific electromagnetic vibration. Though thought to be invisible, TikTokers are proving that we can see and project our auras, with over 18 million users doing the #aurachallenge and showing off their energy fields without a filter. Don't believe it? Take a look at spiritual influencer Guided Crystalist's indigo-blue aura that spearheaded the viral challenge. You can even have your aura photographed at aura photography studios like Halo Auragraphic in Los Angeles. In fact, this style of photography began in the 1980s (via The Ringer).


Now people are deciding to have their energetic blueprint painted on their nails to represent their current vibration. Within this color system, each hue represents a different energetic state that also aligns with different emotions and chakra energy points, per Color Meanings. There are over 20 different aura color meanings, but they are all based on the primary seven chakra colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. 

This trend is a great way to experiment with your mood

Remember mood rings that were all the rage in the '90s? Well, aura nails are the new mood enhancers. With dopamine dressing being one of the top trends of 2022, as reported by Pinterest Business, more people are using color expression to lift their moods and enhance their overall well-being — even in the tiniest of ways. You certainly don't have to know your actual aura energy to get this manicure done, but it's a great opportunity to use color as an energy lifter. 


Because colors vibrate at a certain wavelength, they bring with them a certain emotional effect (via Psi Tek). Think about the power of a red dress or the calming presence of a clear blue sky. Intentional living means embracing color energy in its most simplistic form to enhance your life. Wearing a certain color can immediately electrify your mood or feel like relaxing serenity. Next time you visit the nail salon, try the aura manicure to raise and project your high vibrations, and you may just be able to create real change in your life.