Holiday Decor Trends For The Minimalist

Minimalism is sleek, stripped back, and creates energy by emptying space. During the holidays, which are jam-packed with presents, ribbons, and ornaments galore, decorating can easily drift towards gaudy maximalism. However, creating a holiday spirit with a restrained touch can easily create a festive energy that is light, airy, and even magical. According to residential designers at Tarkett, minimalism is characterized by clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and simplicity that incorporates lots of light and a handful of textures and hues that act as accessorial elements. 

If you're ready to transform your home into holiday form with a beauty that is subtle, organic, but still joyous, we have all the latest holiday trends to implement to close out the year. Because minimalism focuses on the reduction of clutter and simplicity, try to replace your current decor with your new holiday accessories in order to not overwhelm the space. Try these six new holiday trends to maximize your minimalist hand.

Add in white and neutral textures

The holidays are about feeling cozy and warm, ideally near a fireplace with a mulled wine in hand. According to color experts at The Core Basics, minimalism mainly works with light colors and shades of white. Work with balanced color palettes like buttery creams or monochromatic browns and black. Implement this color scheme with texture in the home by bringing in snug pillows and wool stockings. Use fabrics like cream-colored sherpas and white fur throw pillows to bring warmth into a light-colored space.

Use metallic trims to build accent moments

The holiday season is all about glitz and glam. A minimalist probably wouldn't opt for glitter ornaments and big gold ribbons, but they can still bring shine in an elegant way. Metal trimmings whether found as candle holders, mirror frames, or reworked wreaths are a great way to bring a festive spirit into the home. Use a sleek metal wreath like those available at Wayfair to create a simplistic yet elegant wreath adorned with green leaves, berries, and a bow. 

Opt for a bare tree

Minimalism asks us to strip back and present objects from an organic perspective. Rather than dressing up a tall tree with showy ornaments and over-the-top decorations, challenge yourself to celebrate the beauty of a bare tree. Replace your current living room plant with a small Balsam Fir like this one available on Balsam Hill that only needs string lights and presents to set the mood. Prefer a faux tree instead? Pottery Barn has you covered with a gorgeous one. 

Put garland everywhere

The more greenery you can pull into your holiday minimalist decor the better. Whites, neutrals, and even dark monochromatic palettes can become stark and sterile when used incorrectly. The holiday season is the one time of year you have full freedom to load your home with more warmth and color. Garlands are the perfect foliage that can be used as a table centerpiece, on a mantle, or even across kitchen cabinets, according to Pair bold fresh garlands, like a fresh leaf and myrtle garland from Pottery Barn, against clear open spaces to create a balanced and dynamic space. 

Bring in twine and rope accents

Organic modern style is a new form of design emerging in the design world (via Scout & Nimble). As a branch-off of minimalism, it is modern and simplistic but also prioritizes raw materials and the natural world. Instead of using loud and shiny wrapping paper to stuff presents under the tree, incorporate twine and rope to give your gifts a minimalist makeover. Elevate the look further by placing a piece of pine or greenery under the twine, giving it a festive spirit.

Bring in white accents

"White in the home is like the perfect little black dress," says the designer and owner of home decor brand The White Company, Chrissie Rucker (via Christie's Real Estate). When creating the illusion of more space, openness, and simplicity, some of the core elements of minimalism, bringing in white objects can make a major difference. Christmas is about frost on the leaves, icicles, and winter lights. Channel holiday magic by bringing in playful pieces like stars and geometric shapes in white that expand the dimension of a space. Incorporating these pieces can transform your home into a minimalist winter wonderland.