What You Should Know About Nano Brows

First came brow tattoos, and then came microblading. Now, let us introduce you to the nano brow — the next trend in making your brows look fuller and shapelier than ever before.

Nano brows are the new go-to for those who want perfect brows without the hassle of daily maintenance. According to Healthline, the process of getting those oh-so-flawless brows is known as nanoblading, and it's a semi-permanent tattoo technique. Many people turn to nanoblading to fill in thin brows, and the process itself can create a thicker, more natural look than other brow-filling alternatives. As an added perk, it can also give you the ideal opportunity to reshape your brows, which is something many of us strive for once we've added more hair.


Although the word "nanoblading" resembles "microblading," there are some key differences between the two, including the tools involved in the processes, per the Art of Beauty Academy. Additionally, you might want to take cost into account if you are trying to be mindful of your budget. In comparison to microblading, nanoblading has variations in its expected healing time, as well as the pain you may have to endure during the actual procedure. Whether you're looking to revive your brows after overplucking in the 2000s or you simply want to sport a new shape, here is everything you need to know about nano brows before you splurge.

The nano brow process and aftercare routine

As Healthline explains, nanoblading is different from microblading in that the technician uses a smaller needle during the process for more precision. The idea is to create a natural look, but the small-sized needle also means less bleeding and pain. The process itself typically requires two sessions — the first is the initial consultation and procedure, while the second is used to perfect the brow look and shape. After you and your technician decide on a final shape, the first session will start with numbing cream around the brow area. Then, the needle and pigments are used to develop hair-like strokes — you'll soon be on your way to fuller, lush brows. In your second meeting, which will likely be at least eight weeks after the original procedure, your technician might add more strokes if necessary to achieve the shape you desire.


After your final appointment, you'll need to adhere to proper aftercare instructions to not only heal without complications but also achieve your ideal look, per Zensa Skincare. Your brows will likely swell for a couple of days after the procedure — this is completely natural. Keep the area as clean as possible with a damp towel, patting it dry after a quick wipe. Your brows will begin to peel as they heal, which is also natural. Try your best to avoid picking at any flakes or scabs. Finally, avoid chemical peels, light therapy, microdermabrasion, and makeup for at least 30 days.

Key differences between nano brows and microblading

Nano brows might sound like the perfect alternative to you, especially if you've always been on the fence about other semi-permanent brow procedures. Microblading results can last up to 18 months, per PMUHub. If you're looking for more longevity, L'Oréal Paris notes that nanoblading can last up to two-and-a-half years depending on factors, such as the pigment used and your skin type. However, it's not uncommon for those who have undergone the procedure to return for touch-ups in between.


Once you've had your second nanoblading appointment, Healthline says you can expect the healing process to take about four weeks. You might also notice changes in brow color as the area recovers and new skin emerges. PMUHub states that the healing timeframe for microblading is similar, so this may not be a determining factor for you.

However, those who are budget-conscious might want to make some price comparisons before making the investment. PMUHub claims that the average price of microblading falls slightly below $600, while the median price of nanoblading is about $660. Of course, these numbers have the potential to skyrocket toward $2,000, depending on where you're having the treatment done. In the end, nano brows are trendy, but the right choice for you should come down to what makes you feel most confident and beautiful.