8 Ways To Style A Cozy Quilted Jacket

A new aesthetic has been circling the fashion world lately, and this one may surprise you. It features chunky knit cardigans, high-waisted corduroys, and the infamous white socks and loafers combo otherwise known as grandmacore. Yes, styling yourself like your grandmother is the newest trend, and people are loving it. Think of it as cottagecore meets your grandma's closet. You're probably familiar with those obnoxiously-patterned quilt jackets your grandma sports at family dinners. Well, it turns out those quilted jackets aren't as out-of-style as you may have thought.

According to MyCottagecore, the grandmacore aesthetic evokes everything you love about visiting your grandparents. It may make you think of the holidays, or perhaps you always went to your grandma's house for your birthday. In either case, it's an aesthetic that inherently has a warm nature and will make you feel protected. If you decide this vibe is something you'd be interested in trying out but you aren't sure how to style those cozy quilted jackets, here are eight ways to do it.

Pair it with your favorite patterned dress

If you want to embrace your inner kindergarten teacher, pop on a long denim skirt and button-up that complements the colors in the jacket. You can add ballet flats or mules for a more put-together look, especially if you really are a kindergarten teacher, or chuck on a pair of Uggs for the lazier, colder days. If denim isn't your vibe, feel free to switch it out for another midi skirt that matches your personal style — the bolder, the better.

Go bold with a matching two-piece

You can never go wrong with a matching two-piece, so why not try out a quilted jacket and skirt combo? The vibrant patterns show off your more daring side, and because it's already a set, you don't have to worry about finding something to pair with the jacket. Wear it open with an undershirt, or keep it buttoned up for a more modest look. Platform loafers really tie the look together (not to mention, they're super comfortable), so now's your chance to buy that pair you've been eyeing.

Make it monochromatic

The greatest thing about a monochromatic look is how simple it is to put together, but it looks like you spent a lot of time doing so. Choose one of the main colors in the quilted jacket to style the outfit around. As you can see in the photo above, this person styled this look around the main color of the garment by choosing different shades of pink. If you want to break up the look, choose a different-colored shoe. Play it safe with black or nude, or take things up a notch with another color featured in the jacket.

That's so '70s

This is for those of you dying to go back in time to the Age of Aquarius. To achieve this 1970s aesthetic, bust out your bell bottoms to pair with a longer quilted jacket like this one. You want to choose a jacket that isn't as brightly colored or patterned as some of the ones we've already seen; keep it simple with a neutral base color and a larger print. To complete the look, add a pair of platform clogs or boots. If you want to stay closer to the ground, ditch the platforms.

Keep it cool, but casual

Let the quilted jacket be the statement piece for this look, and keep the rest basic with corduroys and sneakers. It's the perfect blend of cool and casual (and comfortable, too). When it comes to sneakers, your best bet is a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylor's if you want to really keep all eyes on the jacket. The simpler and more casual the shoe, the more you'll draw people's attention to the top half of the look. Remember, it's the star here, so make sure you treat it like one!

Bring out your inner boho

Quilted jackets and the modern boho aesthetic were basically made for each other. Just like the '70s-inspired look, you want to select a jacket that features subtle shades, but feel free to get creative with the pattern. We personally love a patchwork moment! Style the garment with light jeans and a flowy maxi skirt, or really amp up the look with a co-ord that complements the colors in the jacket — and don't forget the accessories! A flat-brimmed hat like this one instantly upgrades the outfit.

Plain and simple

Let's take a step back from the bold colors and patterns, and focus on something more basic — a plain quilted jacket. This is a staple everyone should have in their closet. It's easy to style, as you don't have to worry about meshing patterns and colors; however, just because it's more basic than the other jackets we've looked at, that doesn't mean the color has to be neutral and boring (no offense to neutrals). Choose a color that best suits your mood and that you know you'll get the most use out of.

Street-style chic

Last but certainly not least, we have street-style chic. This look is easily captured by using the right shoes and accessories, such as a basic baseball cap, platform sneakers, and a small handbag. When it comes to bottoms, baggy jeans are the way to go. They can transform nearly any look into street style, even when they're paired with a grandmacore quilted jacket. Not only is this outfit easy to throw together, but it's also super comfortable. Come on, who doesn't love a comfy, chic vibe?