How To Get In On The Double Belting Fashion Trend

There are several wardrobe pieces that you can — and probably should — wear two of at the same time: shoes, socks, earrings, and gloves, to name a few. But have you ever thought about wearing two belts? American supermodel Bella Hadid certainly has, as she was seen fashionably strutting the New York City streets in October 2022, rocking a double belt look (per E! News). And when Bella Hadid starts a trend, the rest of the fashion world is never too far behind. Whether you love the look or need time to let it grow on you, the double-belting trend is a fun way to spice up your outfit.

Although double belting has yet to make a name for itself in mainstream pop culture looks, with the hashtag #DoubleBelt collecting a modest yet substantial 398,000 views on TikTok, it's a fun and stylish way to elevate your ensemble. This is especially true if you have a few favorite belts that complement each other well! If you're a trend-setting believer that double the belt means double the fun, and you need a bit of inspiration on how to get in on the double-belting fashion trend, we've got you covered.

Two belts layered over a tight-fitting dress

A tiny, tight-fitting dress is gorgeous on its own — add a few accessories and elevate the look even more. You could throw on a necklace or maybe even a single belt. But layering two straps adds that extra oomph! Take this Instagram photo by @itshuyennguyen, for example, who paired two black belts on top of a form-fitting baby blue dress. "Double belting brings out an edginess to an outfit," their caption reads in part. We couldn't agree more.

Cinch two belts over an oversized button-up

If you have two belts with a similar color palette that would look gorgeous paired together, why not throw them both on? No need to pick. That's what @itsjuliettefoxx did, as seen in this snap on Instagram, layering a cheetah print belt on top of a gold-plated one. She cinched both belts over a white button-up to accentuate her waist. "When in doubt, wear them both," she wrote in the caption. 

Double belt over baggy jeans and sports bra for a casual look

Even lowkey and casual looks can be paired with two belts. Fashion vlogger and TikTok creator @yasminszuch proves that to be true in a video with text that reads, "Saw Bella Hadid wear a double belt so I had to wear a double belt." She flashes her toned abs in a Nike sports bra, baggy jeans, and a cropped strappy jacket.

Separate your graphic tee and skirt with two belts

A belt is one of the best accessories to pair with a skirt and tee, as it adds a stylish touch to an otherwise simple ensemble. Content creator @rachelhawtin was ahead of her time in an Instagram photo posted in 2018 sharing the double belt look secured over a graphic tee and skirt. The two identical black belts look fantastic with her black top and snake print skirt, giving an edgy vibe to the look.

Both belts don't have to be identical or chunky

Double belting works best when the straps complement each other, but that doesn't mean they have to be the same size or texture. Take a peek at this look shared by stylist @chez.amelie, who paired a simple black belt with a thin silver chain for an added pop to the ensemble. If you have a body chain belt lying around, pair that with a leather belt for a fun, finished look.

Elevate a simple sweater and jeans with the double belt trend

A tried-and-true fall and winter outfit is, of course, the traditional sweater and jean pairing. Kick that outfit up a notch, as showcased in a TikTok video by self-proclaimed fashion lover @nostylegic, who completed the look with two layered leather belts. One of the belts has a chunky gold buckle that compliments her vanilla-colored cropped turtleneck sweater beautifully.

Double belting adds dimension to a super cool fit

Layering two belts requires a daring and bold fashion sense, so why not take it all the way like content creator @abigalemasters in a super trendy Instagram post? Her look has a cohesive yet out-of-the-box vibe as she pairs several accessories together, including two layered belts. "Two belts or nothing," her caption reads. A fashion goddess has spoken, and we say amen to that.