Enter Celestite: The Icy-Looking Healing Crystal That Can Chill You Out

Healing crystals might be having a moment on TikTok right now, but they're far from new-age hogwash. Crystal healing is believed to date back to the ancient Sumerians and was used right across the ancient world, evident in the lapis lazuli of the Egyptians and the presence of jade in China (via Crystal Age). Crystals also appear in several major world religions and have entrenched themselves in many traditions that we still carry on today (birthstones, anyone?).


Now considered an alternative medicine technique, crystal healing follows the belief that crystals absorb, hold, and transfer energy, allowing them to remove bad energy from the body and leave good energy in its place. There is currently no scientific evidence to prove that crystals have the power to heal the body or the mind, but many people still swear by crystals to treat their ailments, and this may come down to the placebo effect (via Live Science).

Whether you believe in real crystal energy or just the power of the mind, it's never a bad idea to start a healing crystal practice to promote happiness and wellbeing (alongside any science-backed treatments that you need, of course). Celestite crystals are superstars of the spiritual world, known in particular for their calming powers. Here's how these heavenly blue crystals work and how you can use them to bring a sense of peace into your life.


Why celestite can help you to chill

Celestite is a chilled crystal, and that's not just because it looks like ice. This beautiful gemstone is believed to carry a calming energy that you can absorb yourself when you need to take a breather and relax.


Tiny Rituals explains that celestite encourages a sense of balance and inner peace. It can help to clear your thoughts when your mind is boggled down by strong, negative emotions, which allows you to think clearly and calmly. This is a particularly useful crystal for people who experience ongoing anxiety or are constantly overwhelmed, as it promotes feelings of stillness. While it won't completely erase anxiety or stress, it can help you to find the strength to sit with those uncomfortable feelings and experience peace anyway. This way, you aren't suppressing those emotions, but accepting and working through them so you can move on.

You might want to stock up on celestite when you're out of your comfort zone and those anxious feelings are constantly lingering. It's great for people starting new jobs and studying for exams, or even those who are new parents.


The physical healing properties of celestite

Crystals have traditionally been used to aid physical healing, along with mental and emotional healing. As it's believed to help the body detox, celestite has been known to help with several physical issues, including digestion and acne (via Tiny Rituals). Given its calming energy, it can also help the body to overcome stress-related conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute stress disorder, and reactive attachment disorder, per Transformations Treatment Center.


According to Healthline, stress that goes unchecked can also lead to array of secondary physical illnesses. These include skin conditions like eczema, heart disease, sleep disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Healing with Crystals explains that celestite may also have the power to minimize pain, relax muscle tension, and help with eye, ear, and mouth-related issues. This should be your go-to crystal for strep throat, mouth ulcers, and tonsilitis. Additionally, celestite has been used by spiritual healers to treat urinary tract infections, kidney problems, and infections.

What's the difference between celestite and celestine?

If you've heard of the "celestine" crystal, you're probably wondering what the difference is between these two gemstones that sound so similar. And the answer is nothing! Celestite and celestine are slightly different names for the same mineral (shout out to whoever failed to pick a name and stick to it).


Village Rock Shop explains that the name celestite actually comes from the Latin term "caelestis" which refers to something that is "celestial or heavenly." This further reinforces the crystal's association with both the third eye and crown chakra, which are related to intuition and spiritual connection.

Whether you buy celestite or celestine, you'll be getting the same crystal. But it's helpful to know how to identify this mineral when you see it, as you don't want to accidentally buy the wrong crystal. As a rule of thumb, celestite is pale blue in color, though it can also be transparent, pink, or pale green. When you go to buy a celestite crystal, let your hand hover above the selection of crystals on offer, and let your intuition guide you to the stone that's meant for you. Look out for that signature calming energy that celestite is known for!


Celestite and chakra cleansing

The word chakra translates to "wheel" or "cycle" in Sanskrit. The belief that our bodies are made up of an energy network comprised of seven main chakras originated in India over 2,000 years ago (via Indigo Massage & Wellness). Some spiritual leaders teach that chakras are wheels of energy located along the human spine that have a direct influence on a person's physical, mental, and emotional health. Like chakras, healing crystals are thought to hold and transfer energy, so you can use your crystals for chakra healing, too.


Celestite is commonly associated with the throat chakra, which is part of the reason why it's often used to treat ear, nose, and throat-related ailments, per Crystal Vaults. As you might have guessed, the throat chakra is represented by the color blue and is believed to influence a person's communication skills (via WebMD). When your throat chakra is out of balance, you may have trouble getting across your ideas coherently or confidently. You can try setting an intention for your celestite to heal your throat chakra, and then placing it on your throat and doing a meditation to absorb some of that healing energy.

Additionally, celestite has been related to the third eye chakra, which is responsible for your wisdom and intuition, and your crown chakra, associated with spirituality and connecting to your higher self. If you want to bring healing to these areas, try meditating with the celestite between your eyebrows or on top of your head.


Can celestite help relationships?

Celestite is often used in self-healing, but you can also use it bring about positive changes in relationships. Thanks to its chilled energy, celestite promotes harmony where there is conflict, and helps in the resolution of drama, per Healing With Crystals. It can help to calm fiery feelings and restore the balance where a relationship has tipped to one extreme or the other.


If you're going through a rough patch with someone you live with, try placing celestite in a room where you'll both spend a lot of time, such as a living room. If you're going to place it in the kitchen, keep it somewhere safe from any splashes or spillages. When you're arguing with a romantic partner, keep the celestite on your nightstand or somewhere close to your bed.

You could also try gifting your partner a piece of jewelry with celestite in it, or wearing it yourself. If you're having a particularly bad argument, keep your celestite in your pocket and wrap your hand around it when you feel your temper flaring.

How to grow spiritually with celestite

From its icy blue color to its crown chakra connections, there's no denying that celestite is a powerful crystal to have on your side when you want to achieve spiritual growth. Firstly, it's commonly thought of as a messenger stone, meaning celestite is a powerful tool to help you communicate with a higher power. If you have a particular question you would like answered, sit with your celestite on top of your head, where your crown chakra is. Quieten your mind through meditation and then ask your question. Focus on your breathing until the answer comes to you.


Celestite itself is a spiritual teacher, and Cape Cod Crystals explains that working with celestite can help you to recognize when you have power in a situation and when you don't. It further promotes feelings of peace by encouraging you to let be the things that you can't change and tackle the things that you can change.

By using celestite to heal your third eye chakra, you can also improve your dream recall abilities, as well as your understanding and perception of other people.

How to use celestite

There are several ways to reap the benefits of healing crystals. Some people wear them (which is why crystal jewelry is so popular). Others set the crystals in strategic places around their houses. You can also get drinking bottles infused with crystals to absorb the energy with your daily water intake. Many people choose to meditate with their crystals to get the most out of them. Spiritual practices are highly personal, so you have to find what method of crystal healing feels right to you.


Third-generation witch Brittany Ladin explained to Healthline that she uses her healing crystals — including celestite — by setting an intention. In essence, she thinks of the outcome she'd like to achieve from using the crystal, often putting it against the part of her body in need of healing. When it comes to emotional healing, she places the crystal against her forehead. With celestite in particular, she keeps it by her bed to help her get a good night's sleep, thanks to the stone's calming energy.

Ladin emphasizes that before you use a healing crystal, it's important to cleanse it. This is because crystals can absorb energy, so your crystal might be holding on to negative energy that it picked up on its journey to you. You can cleanse your crystal by running it under cold water, leaving it in the moonlight (a full moon is particularly effective), burying it in the earth, or smudging it with sage.


Where to store your celestite

Depending on what you're using your celestite for, there are a number of strategic places around the house where you can store it. As mentioned, if you want a restful sleep, it makes sense to keep it on your nightstand, but you can really put it anywhere that you want to promote calm energy.


For example, if you're struggling with young kids who can get pretty rowdy, you might want to place celestite in their playroom (on a shelf where they can't reach it). Or if you've got a new pet and it's having a hard time adjusting, you can place it near your pet's bed (again, where it can't be eaten!).

If you'd prefer to wear your crystal or meditate with it, you might want to store in a safe location where you can take it as you need it. Angel Grotto explains that it's best to keep your crystal in a wooden box lined with fabric. This will protect it from damage (such as being knocked off a nightstand), along with damage from the sun, which will cause it to fade over time.

The best crystals to pair with celestite

Celestite is a powerful crystal on its own, so it's not essential to pair it with anything else. But you can always incorporate other crystals into your healing practice to reap even more benefits.

In general, you can't go wrong wearing or using other blue crystals with your celestite, per Tiny Rituals. Blue itself is a calming color, so you can only amplify the chill factor with crystals like blue lace agate and aquamarine. Though it's not blue, clear quartz is considered to be one of the best partners for celestite as it also promotes clarity. Use this power duo together if you really need help to see a situation clearly or work out how you feel about something.


According to Crystal Healing Ritual, you can also pair celestite with amethyst, the purple crystal known for promoting creativity and spiritual connection. When you bring these crystals together, you can more easily connect with your higher self. When you need a hit of motivation to reach your goals, try matching celestite with black tourmaline, and when you're struck with recurring negative thoughts at night, put celestite under your pillow with angelite.