Hot Water May Be Drying Your Eyes. Here's How To Wash Your Face Instead

Dry eyes are more common than you may think. As you blink, your lids close, and a gland releases tears to wash and moisturize the protective film that covers your eyes. But you're left with uncomfortable dryness when the body doesn't produce enough tears, according to Penn Medicine. It can burn and feel like there's sand in your eyes. They can even become red, inflamed, and watery. When you first wake up, it might also feel like your eyes are glued shut.


There are many reasons why someone may be dealing with dry eye. It happens most frequently because, as people age, their body stops producing as many tears as it did when they were young. However, you can get dry eyes prematurely if you contract certain illnesses or take specific medications. Looking at computer screens and reading for too long without blinking enough is another reason, along with wearing contact lenses. When you're suffering from dry eye, you'll do anything to gain some relief. Fortunately, a small change in your water temperature can make a big difference.

Use lukewarm water to prevent dryness

Water temperature affects you in many different ways. When it's hot, it is more comfortable to use, but more likely to dry you out. You feel this way because the heat removes your natural oils quicker than if the temperature was colder, according to APEC Water. If your eyes feel dry, you must stay away from hot water. The more you use scorching hot water, the less moisture your body will be able to retain in your skin, hair, and eyes.


No one wants to shower or wash their face in cold water, but it's recognized as better for the hair and skin. When you're suffering from symptoms like inflammation along with dryness, you'll benefit from using cooler water when showering, so your eyes won't look as puffy. However, using lukewarm water is the perfect solution. It's not too hot, but still gentle and soothing enough to wash with. Whether you suffer from dry eyes or not, it's better to use lukewarm water when washing your face and showering.

Tips for reducing dryness while washing your face

To wash your face without drying out your eyes, make sure the water is lukewarm. A gentle cleanser with no alcohol in it is the best choice because this ingredient will only worsen dryness. Apply the soap to a washcloth and massage it into your skin without scrubbing. Then rinse it away with clean water. If you're already suffering from dry eyes, you'll want to give extra focus to that area of your face.


Add more of your gentle cleanser or a lid scrub to a new washcloth and dilute it with some water. With your eyes closed, wipe over your eyelashes and the edge of your eyelid. Doing this will clear anything that's in the way of your tear ducts so your eyes can produce more tears to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. When you're done, rinse the cleanser off with lukewarm water. Then use a new washcloth and repeat the process with the other eye. Remember to apply moisturizer to your face when you're finished.