Tips To Turn Your Oversized T-Shirt Into A Knotted Crop Top

Baggy t-shirts are a lazy girl's dream. They're comfortable, but cute, so you can wear them around the house or out and about. Because an oversized tee is so easy to style, it's an absolute staple everyone should have in their closet. But what about those days when you want to look more put-together? Or maybe you have an oversized shirt you love, but you wish it fit you a little tighter. Tough luck, huh? Nope! We know just how to fix the problem without any cutting or sewing required.

You can instantly turn any baggy tee into a crop top just by tying a few knots. Yep, it's that simple. You may have seen some women use this method before, but there's actually more than one way to do it. In fact, there are several knots you can make to create a totally different shirt, without compromising any fabric. This way, your favorite oversized t-shirt stays intact, so you can still use it for those lazy days.

Basic front knot

This knot is called basic for a reason — it's probably the most common way women tie their oversized t-shirts. It's incredibly easy, which is why it's so popular (aside from looking cute too). Start by gathering the front of your shirt and twisting it to create a rope-like shape, then wrapping it into a ball and pulling the end out.

Side knot

This is a fun take on the basic front knot. Follow the exact same instructions, but instead of gathering the shirt to the front, bring it to the side. If you plan on layering, we recommend placing it where the knot will still be seen, even if you're wearing a leather jacket or flannel on top. If you want to up the wow factor, leave the shirt on its own, then add a pair of faux leather trousers and sky-high heels for a night out.

The twist and tuck

To turn your oversized tee into this chic crop top, gather your t-shirt at the front, twist, then tuck it under your bra. You may have an issue with the knot coming undone, so we suggest securing the ends of the shirt with a hair tie before tucking it. If you don't necessarily wear bras, you can still achieve this look. Create a basic front knot instead, then tuck it under the shirt so it isn't visible.

DIY t-shirt bra

So, you got dressed for the day without checking the weather, and now you're outside in 90 degree heat, wearing a giant t-shirt. Don't worry, there's a quick and easy solution. Simply gather the bottom of your shirt and loop it through the neckhole. That's it! Not only will it cool you off, but it's super sexy too.

Back knot

If you want to transform your oversized t-shirt into a crop top, may we suggest giving the back knot a try? To create this, you use the same technique you did to make the basic front knot, except you're doing it to the back of your shirt. If you want a really cropped look, gather the fabric higher up your back, then make the knot.

Loose ends

This is essentially like the basic front knot we showed earlier, but without the knot. To achieve the loose-ends look, grab a handful of your shirt in each hand then tie them together. Tie once more and leave the ends of the shirt hanging down. For that girl-next-door vibe, pair it with your favorite denim jeans and low-top sneakers. Chuck on a pair of oversized sunglasses and you're ready to take on the day!

Cross, wrap, and tuck

It may look difficult, but creating this knot is way less complicated than you think. In fact, it's really not even a knot at all. Start by grabbing the bottom of your shirt with each hand, then cross them over each other. Tie them together once, then tuck in the ends. It may take a few tries at first, but the payoff is totally worth it.