Channel Your Inner Taylor Swift And Mastermind A Meet Cute With Your Ideal Partner IRL

Think of all the romantic movies you've seen throughout your life — "The Notebook" and "(500) Days of Summer," and who could forget the moment Jack and Rose locked eyes in "Titanic?" What do each of these movies have in common? The infamous meet cute. You know, the moment the two leads meet one another, typically in super random and interesting situations. They both reach for the same apple at the supermarket, or the guy helps the woman stand up after an embarrassing fall. Their eyes meet, and the rest is history.


Sure, it's cheesy, but if you're a hopeless romantic like we are, chances are you've been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the day you have your own meet cute IRL. In movies, the two leads meet by pure coincidence, but you can actually mastermind this romantic moment with your ideal partner to kick off a healthy relationship; the more opportunities in which you present yourself, the more likely you are to meet the love of your life.

Sign up for a new hobby

Here's the thing: You aren't going to meet someone sitting at home reading books (maybe at the library, but let's be honest — we're all buying books from Amazon now). If you want to experience the meet cute of your dreams, sign up for new hobbies. You'll meet a whole new group of people, and that hopefully includes your ideal partner. If you've always wanted to try rock climbing or take a salsa dancing class, here is a perfectly good reason to actually do it.


It can be intimidating at first, trying something new, but think of all the possible meet cutes out there that are waiting to happen. If you need a boost working up the courage to sign up for an activity, ask a friend to do it with you. Who knows? Maybe both of you will find your ideal partner at a Zumba class.

Take a solo vacation

If you want to increase your chances of masterminding a meet cute IRL, think about doing some solo traveling. This doesn't mean you need to spend your life savings on a trip to Italy; traveling anywhere alone gives you the opportunity to have that meet cute you've always wanted. Not only does it give you the freedom to do what you please, but it's much more intimidating for a person to come up and talk to you when you're surrounded by your girlfriends, according to LovePanky. Going solo improves your chances for someone to approach you.


Check out the popular tourist sites where you're sure to meet a ton of new people (and possibly your ideal partner). Don't be afraid to put yourself out there! It's easy to make conversation in these types of places since it's probably new to the both of you, especially in places like museums or bus tours.