Using A Body Gua Sha Can Relax You Even More (And Boost Circulation)

Anyone who has been on social media in recent years has seen the increased popularity of the gua sha. The gua sha has become one of the must-have tools for any skincare lover to increase circulation and create more structure in the face. While it's known for its benefits to the face, it now seems as though it is bringing those same benefits to the body. There are plenty of reasons why one may want to opt for a full-body gua sha massage, but perhaps the best reason is the spiritual and internal benefits it can bring. Apart from helping with circulation and the lymphatic system, a gua sha massage can relax your body and aid in countering the effects of stress on the body.


It's no secret that stress and tiredness can wreak havoc on the body. Stress is known to be a cause of breakouts and other skin issues. Apart from the physical symptoms of stress, this buildup can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. While it's far from being a cure, a full-body gua sha can help your body combat these issues and get it into a state of relaxation. Putting your body in a relaxed state helps to find a solution to your situation, making it easier to find a way out. Regardless of whether you're interested in the physical or mental benefits, a full-body gua sha is an interesting treatment that can help your body in many ways.

Benefits of a body gua sha

The benefits of a full-body gua sha treatment are plenty. From the outside to the inside, there are many proven reasons why this traditional treatment has become as popular as it has. For those who are used to being on their phones and devices all day, a body gua sha treatment can help alleviate some of the effects of a "tech neck." As Wilding explains, a gua sha can bring some much-needed relief to muscle tension and pain in this area. If you're used to working all day on your computer or in an office, the back of your neck can hold much of this tension that can later cause headaches or migraines. Relieving the area will help relax the body and get you ready to tackle work once again.


While everyone knows that gua sha can help improve the drainage of the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation, many mental benefits are seldom talked about. Yina points out that a gua sha tool used on the body can help with insomnia by relaxing the mind and the body. If you have sleep problems, it might be beneficial to add a gua sha massage to your monthly or weekly routine. On the same note, a gua sha can slow down heart palpitations and get your body relaxed after a stressful day.

How to use a gua sha on the body

Using a body gua sha isn't drastically different from the facial tool you already have in your skincare drawer. To get the most out of your gua sha, choose an accompanying body oil or lotion to help glide the gua sha along your body. If you're starting with your legs and thighs, you'll want to elevate them to be able to best get coverage on the area. Apply firm pressure along your legs and thighs using long, gentle strokes. You want to avoid using too much pressure on the area, as this is only going to cause bruises and pain along the leg and thigh. Repeat this step around five times along the same area before moving to your next leg and thigh.


Besides your legs and thighs, you can also use the gua sha on your feet and ankles. If you're used to walking around a lot for work or want to alleviate some pain after an intense workout, a gua sha massage can loosen up muscle tension and prevent sore muscles the next day. You can also pass your gua sha over your hands or wrists. This can alleviate muscle stiffness from being on your computer all day or working with your hands. Other body parts you can massage with your gua sha include your scalp, lower back, neck, and shoulders. However, these latter areas will likely need some assistance from someone else.